Awe Caught Flu

Posted: October 20, 2009 by I-Press in Event

Recent PCE (Patient Counselling Event) competition had featured a patient role played by Awe 2nd year who stepped in complaining about his flu. “My grandmother, my brother, sister, father, friend..all use this medication named Clarinase. They said it’s very effective you know..”.

Seriously Awe did a good job for making participants’ lives miserable. Most of them had a real tough time in convincing the patient regarding the lower-price Loratadine as compared to Clarinase while both offer the same efficacy. Worse, participants tend to drag time responding to Awe’s curiosity in knowing the difference between generic and patented drugs.

That’s why we send you in as patient-no-pharmacist-want-to-encounter role Awe. Thanks. 🙂

Azurin, our final year senior had won the best counselling skill while GG, also in final year satisfied with 1st runner up while Apip, despite his entertaining performance stood at third place. “..and you were like, people bargaining at Petaling Street,” commented Dr Zainol as one of the judges besides his outsider pharmacist friend and Mdm Siti Hadijah.

Congratulation to all winners and participants.

  1. apip says:

    hahaha… aku pon men tibai je tym PCE ni~ layan je apa yg Awe tu ngarut atas stage! wakakakkaa

  2. Shamel says:

    haha. agak la. enjoy abes aku tngok!

  3. apip says:

    patient counseling entertainment (PCE)! hahahahaha

  4. wadi says:

    eh, mana video jiji, zul n azurin? xde ke..sian diaorg.

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