Shared stage with UNIC

Posted: October 20, 2009 by I-Press in This and That

We have one who take vocalist position and another one play the instrument. Spotted on the last day of I-Quest during Malam Cahaya Insani, Firdaus from 1st year student and Shamsul Akmar, 3rd year student showed their talent. Because most of Nawfal members are from Sciencess, we never want to lose. Having both of them to represent our society is such a pride.


  1. shifaa says:

    The cute talented guy, was actually my junior????! wow, quite impressive and membanggakan…
    at least male pharmacy students do have talent, finally proven in Rx 8…huhu

  2. Shamel says:

    Haha, so..u’re secret admirer to those guys above since when, shifaa?? haha

  3. wadi says:

    alamak…nak join nawfal jugak bleh?hahha… dah tua dah pun..

  4. Haa Miim =) says:

    dorg dh lama asah bakat masa kat DQ dulu… no wonder la…

  5. syaradhiyah says:

    wadi, tolong jangan join…takut2 rosak nama nawfal tu..(V_V)

  6. wadi says:

    haha….syar je la masuk… main custonate ke, apa ke…

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