Piece of Art

Posted: October 31, 2009 by I-Press in This and That


Dry in the pot, Green on the ground

Whether they leave the bonsai to give a touch of artistic feature or not, we have no idea completely. So, whenever you can’t empty your glass at R&R Cafe, why don’t you pour them here. Who knows it might help a bit


  1. gajus says:

    la….saje je nak buat cam tu. Kalau tak sie2 jer air R&R free.
    Takpun pokok tu mengalami autumn kat khatulistiwa.

  2. amin says:

    ak pun xperasaan pokok tu dh mati…hohoh.rugi2..

  3. shamel says:

    lame da mati min..cuma baru td aku trase nk amik gamba!

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