BioMalaysia 2009..go on behalf CCLM?

Posted: November 27, 2009 by syaradhiyah in Uncategorized

salam. just wanna share something though it had happened a week ago.(^_^)

on 19th nov 09, right after final exam d day before, those from Rx7 who had taken Leadership Class – (sorry not sure what d exact name for this course) –> teruknya. (x_X) – we went to Bio Malaysia 2009 Conference and Exhibition. the theme was “Accelerating Commercialization in Biotechnology”. well, brief info about it: this was d strategic platform provided for d fresh ideas, practical solutions and collaborations for global n Malaysia biotechnology. Those expert were from other countries, local companies n researchers from universities.

For real, we expected to have some seminar which we would have to sit and listen. For a travel time of almost 3hrs, we only had to have some walks around the exhibition and scrutinized everything we interested to take a look at. Kira macam, jalan2 je la…

Alhamdulillah, fortunately we have taken Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, at least we somehow have get used with all those staffs they displayed. tak la macam rusa masuk kampung atau naive sangat..heheh.

Proud to know that IIUM also participated. 1 of d exhibitions was on d techniques to determine whether a chicken, had been slaughtered by islamic ways or by electrical mean. they used d RNAs.

O ya. since there was also food exhibitions, most of us would go there and tried for many times..sampai kenyang. isk3.

After all, some of us were so excited in collecting bags from d stalls as many as they can~ tp ade jugak yg balik dgn tgn kosong. sadis. tp xpe. atleast they got sth in their guts! thanx for those who displayed on foods n drinks~ burp..alhamdulillah.. (^_^)

However, 1 thing to ponder, BioMalaysia2009 was for biotech knowledge – okay that was good. But, going there for CCLM syllabus, didn’t it seemed like incongruous with d subject, did it? huhoh. (@_@)

note: CCLM for Y2 is on Leadership Skills.

  1. amin says:

    best giler CCLM korang ad visit, mngkin dpt budget lebih..hhehe.. kitorg dulu kena organize program utk semua student yg amik leadership tu. huhu..

  2. syaradhiyah says:

    well, yeah.. glad to be d later batch. heheh.
    tp, trip ni menyebabkan kami tidak dpt ‘menghabiskan masa’ yg lama di UIA selepas xm. ptg habis exam, terus kna pack brg, esok pagi pegi trip, n tros balik…isk3.

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