Pharmily Day 2009

Posted: December 19, 2009 by Shamel in Event

It’s our tradition. First year was given the opportunity to organise our annual big event, Pharmily Day. This year witnessed a different programme when a gathering between mentor and mentee was held, associated with the  tree-planting programme at the back of our building.

Watch an exclusive video of Tarik Menarik tali Kau Memang Da Boom on IPhA Facebook that features Seniors vs Juniors. Click HERE!

more photos??? – facebook ipha (only for ipha members)!


  1. arcoxia37 says:

    pergh semangat giler…..

  2. Shamel says:

    sbb gile la semangat!

  3. arcoxia37 says:

    haha. ade lg 1 g vdeo gile semangat .7 more hours to go. peuwww

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