Group Photography

Posted: December 24, 2009 by Shamel in Event

Recently we did photography session for each batch. We would say that you guys love the moment. Good for all.

But after having the session with you, we’d noticed a few things that we were concerned about. So here’s a few things to consider and tips we’d like to share to produce a good portrait!

  1. One or more subject always seem to be looking away in different direction. I suggest you keep your focus by the time photographer starts to put his eyes on place, ready to snap!!
  2. Subject’s blinking. We figured out that for each picture different person was snapped while their eyes closing. Note for you, ‘wake up’ your eyelids.
  3. Someone’s missing. Look to your right, look to your left. Is your beloved there?
  4. Different moods in the group. Some were smiling, some were serious, some looks sad. Uuu..Set your mood guys. When you say cheeeese, then all are expected to show their bright teeth.
  5. One seems to be isolated. Even 10cm apart from the group, your group photo may look awkward.

That’s a wrap. So those are your best shot. Congratulation. You look fabulous!


  1. Ami...n says:

    i keep thinking on lighting!huhu

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