1st Meeting IPhA & IPhA Alumni

Posted: December 29, 2009 by I-Press in Meeting

The meeting between two generations was held last Friday. Our Mr President and his Vice as well as Public Relation representative attended to meet IPhA Alumni President, Br Shazly who’a also accompanied by Sr Syahiera and Mdm Afidia.

Among the topics covered include sharing moment related to early establishment of IPhA in introducing the society to universities and colleges across the country. We heard how they had struggled to bring our kulliyyah’s name and society to higher level and therefore propose to make no change to the logo for its sentimental value. Well, we at I-Press really do love the design, don’t we?

There’s also discussion about the introduction to IPhA member card and Alumni card that will give us some cool privileges but the project is still under consideration.

Matters pertaining to maximising the use of our building like student lounge, photocopy service, resource centre and kiosk were found difficult to achieve due to the ‘unique’ architectural design of our building and worse, admin seemed to not understand the proposal from our super seniors.

Br Aizuddin had also touched on our past programmes and achievements and briefed about future programmes based on almanac. The best of all, the Walk of Fame project where frames that features graduated batches will soon become common scene at a few spots in our kulliyyah as proposed by Prof Tariq. Refer the lasst picture above. He’s really looking into it!

Psst..last but not least, do you know that early batch had a programme called Pharmacy Induction Day? It’s like the ta’aruf week for new intake right after the campus level. Interesting activities were organised that gather IPhA members and instill the sense of belonging towards kulliyyah.



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