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I-Press wishes u..Gud Luck !!!

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To accomplish great things,
We must not only act,
But also dream,
Not only plan but also believe..

Be self equipped with facts and figures
to conquer this exams battle !! (ouhhh cuak dowh !!!!!! glurppp telan air liur)
Best wishes for all of us..

May Allah accept all of our dua’ & keep us in the rite path..n  make us successful in this life & the hereafter..Aminn!




SRC Pharmacy Election Results

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IPhA members waiting for the election results 🙂

SRC Pharmacy Election Results Live from Gombak

Alhamdulillah, kita bersyukur pada tahun ini kerana mempunyai 3 wakil untuk bertanding dalam pilihan raya kampus. If last year our candidates won unopposed, however surely competition 3 corners by this year were more attractive. Campus election results this time are siding with Bro Mustaqim and Sis Hanisah.

Congratulation to candidates who won. Hopefully this victory could give new hope to UIAM citizen to see our voice more heard. Andalah saluran suara kami !

To Sis ‘Atiqah, we take great pleasure because you are brave enough and want to appear as a candidate to  bear the responsibilities. Hopefully her struggles will continue to benefit us all. Sis ‘Atiqah said ” I wanna congratz them myself..No hard feelings !! I’ve already given my best !”

However, there were little provocation. Calon ada, pengundi pulak xde ???

Try comparing the Campus Elections 2007/2008  with Campus Election 2009/2010

candidate 1 : 166 votes

candidate 2 : 116 votes

candidate 3 : 97 votes

Total students : 240

Estimated students (voting out) : 75%

Candidate 1 : 95 votes

candidate 2 : 68 votes

candidate 3 : 57 votes

Total students : 310

estimated students (voting out ) : 35.5%

See statistics above. Percentage of voting out very deteriorated. What actually happened?

Based on observation, the decline was due to 3rd and 4th year students busying with clinical presentation throughout the day for voting. Yeah that’s da main main reason why students were not able to make the  E-Voting in Kulliyyah of Medicine. Yang lain tak pergi vote tu, their reason tak bawak matric card, IC n bla bla…

Ahaa…ucapan from our hero, Bro Mustaqim ,” Terima kasih kepada semua pengundi kerana memberikan kepercayaan kepada saya untuk mewakili Pharmacy dalam SRC bagi sesi ini…Ia merupakan satu tanggungjawab yang besar dalam menyuarakan hasrat semua pelajar Pharmacy dari semua aspek. Apa yang lebih penting, tanggungjawab ini adalah amanah Allah yang perlu dipikul dengan sejujurnya. Justeru, sokongan dan bantuan daripada rakan-rakan amatlah diharapkan bagi merealisasikan hasrat kita bersama..terima kasih semua..

IPRESS still waiting for sis Hanisah..byk sangat dapat ucapan tahniahkan..eheee~ congratz again !

-BROUGHT TO BY IPRESS in collaboration with SRC tenure 07/08-

Campus Election (part 4) – Behind the scene

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Hmm.. the presence of I-Press team during Campus Election week makes the updates much more interesting and the reason for you to follow the stories along the way.

So here’s a yesterday’s capture on what happens when an ex-SRC dropped down his job but then raised up the flyers just behind the Kulliyyah. Apip gave his best pose for I-Press coverage, propped by beautiful ladies.

SRC Election Rally

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Sister ‘Atiqah Md Hussin

Manifesto : Smile & salam is her policy, focus is on sticking to the oneness of ALLAH in everything we do, try to be a comprehensive agent of holistic excellence,  being realistic which focusing more on the students personal development by implementing triple ice missions , integrate the information between IPhA & SRC- introduce & promote IPhA to the outside world

“Right person, right time & right decision”

Ahmad Mustaqim Ariffin

Manifesto : To upgrade the sportsmanship level of IIUM students, to rise students voice to administration and to create sense of awareness among students to society and current issues

“Leaders are made, not born”

Sister Hanisah Kamaruddin

Manifesto : To encourage participation of IIUM students in recreational and outdoor activity and exploring the nature, to enhance / polish skill, talent and potential of IIUM students in preparation of becoming muslim profesional, to propose roofed walkway from mahallah to Kulliyyah of Pharmacy and lastly to provide a platform for IIIUM students particularly pharmacy students to serve the community and to apply the knowledge gained in IIUM

“success is a journey, not a destination…”

Mr President also came to src rally 😉

Afif Ahmad ( ex SRC)

short speech from Apip to candidates :

“salam pengenalan kpd sesiapa x knal… heee
Thanx to my abe, wadi n jaja for da previous advises or comments..
sorry coz x reti nk ckp pe~ wawawa
ngarut jelaa ek!
hurm… src?? sport rec commitee?? haha..student rep council~
the word REPRESENTATIVE is not a simple word to begin with..
its not just by wearing suit n ties, meetings all da times, being executives n presidential diplomats… dats only a small part of src…
the major part, Merakyat adalah tggnjwb! the community is your priority~ BE with Them, TALK with Them n WALK with them~
Some people may say IMAGE is important to be a SRC… but Image is just an excuse! your action n contribution speak da best who you really are… Have ur own style but SHINE with dat style guys!
aku da start ngarut da ni… so, to end up dis is my FAMOUS LAST WORDS (hahahhahaa cm nk bg wasiat je)
“to please everybody is sumtin foolish!”

syukran n chowwzzz~

p/s: before that, sorry sgt2 to all bdk2 uia, beloved lecturers, staffs, pakguards, mkcik2 cleaner yg sentiasa melakukn keje2 yg mulia, pekerja cafe n sesapa je laa jika diri ini pernah melakukn kesilapan n kesalahan… Thanx to all yg sudi membantu diri ini yg sentiasa lemah dan lalai dr segala sudut…to all candidates, GUDLUCK and all da best! to ipha members, CHOOSE wisely based on the candidates’ credibility and personality! jgn ikut org tau…

SMILE~ 🙂 -Apip

Actually they all have different views but the same goal, namely to serve the citizens of this kulliyyah. Indeed, they all have talent as a credible leader. We pray the best for them !! Don’t  forget to cast ur vote tomorrow !  EACH VOTE IS VALUABLE ! 9 am – 5 pm @ Computer Lab KOM Level 2


Campus Election (part 3)

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Second year students sangat bersemangat memasang poster for their candidate, Mustaqim.

Mustaqim posters are now available in KOP 🙂

*Sister Hanisah & Sister ‘Atiqah posters @ KOP are in progress*

Words of wisdom from candidates :-

Sister Nur ‘Atiqah Md Hussin “Dear friends, after resting for about a year from any activities, now I believe it’s the right time to make a comeback in order to continue the mission- contributing for ummatic’s development and improvement. Hence, if only you trust me enough, VOTE FOR ME then. InsyaAllah, right person, right time, right decision. Thank you for your support, in advance ….”


Bro Ahmad Mustaqim Arrifin “Dear valued friends, i believe my presence is not to waste any of your time with my talk..cos as u all know,i’m not used to just talk, i usually walk the talk. i’m more than meets the eye..i’ll look beyond what i see.. when it comes to responsibility, i wont take it lightly, when it comes to idea, i will definitely share my full thoughts as u see. in front of u, is not just no one, it’s someone that u all can rely on..can count on me.. i am someone..& if u vote for me, i can be somebody !! i’m the one that everybody looking for ! your wish is my command ! vote for the one not by what u think he or she is but the one u know he or she is.. i’m here to send u a message n u all here to translate it. VOTE FOR ME ! thanks !!”


Sister Hanisah Kamaruddin “Alhamdulillah… The campus election is just around the corner. Hope that all pharmacy students will grab this opportunity to be a part this once-a-year event and vote for their preferred candidates. As one of the candidates for kulliyyah of pharmacy constituency for SRC, I am here not to challenge any of my friends in election. It’s nothing personal. It’s just to show that there are still peoples from the Kulliyyah of Pharmacy who are concern about what’s happening in campus especially in our beloved kulliyyah, and believe that we are capable to achieve something even more than what we already have now. Do care to be aware. Let us together strive for the best and be among the best…

“success is a journey, not a destination…”


Ouh not to forget, last words from our previous representative, Sister Syaza Husni

“Salam perjuangan to all… To be given the amanah as the Students’ Representative Council means to devote yourself as the representative of all the IIUM students. Such a big responsibility requires a strong heart, high spirits, determination, perseverance and a strong faith in Him.

As said by Br. Azwadi…when you become one of the SRC members, do not expect to have time like others…most of your time will be used to serve others…until at one point you realized that you have to sacrifice your time with your friends,  time to study, etc and of course your time will be full with list of things to do…

Besides, SRC play a role just like the YB (Yang Berhormat) where you will represent the image of IIUM…there are time when you will meet the top management of the Nation, the top management of the University, others colleagues of Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar from other IPTA/IPTS…represent the university either nationally or internationally.. .and at the same time to keep good rappo with the students..those requires good PR…

But…that is not all about SRC…even though sometimes it is quite tough, after went through all the experiences..either hard or not…somehow it turns to be the memories that you will cherish all your life…

So, to all the candidates of SRC…wish you all the best…ikhlaskan hati keranaNya…ready to give your best…ready to sacrifice all that you have for the sake of the students and the university…and hold the amanah until to the end…insyaAllah…Dia akan menolong sesiapa yang berjuang di jalanNya…

It is not important either you win or not..the most important thing is to have the spirit to give your best…

To all friends…please show your full support  to our candidates and also after they become the SRC…as they really2 need you…..your support will make them strong…

dont forget to cast your vote!!!”

SRC Pharmacy Constituency 0708, 0809
Treasurer of SRC Kuantan 0708,
Vice President of SRC Kuantan 0809.


4 days left until campus election day ! Fikir dengan bijak ! Anda mampu mengubahnya ! The power is in your hands 😉


Campus Election (part 2)

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Hey guys let’s check out the profile of all our three candidates:

Bro Ahmad Mustaqim bin Ariffin is  Rx 7th from Peringat, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. He was born on the final day of 1988 Deember 31 . He’s very enthusiastic in sport especially in badminton, football, futsal, takraw.

Bro mus previous schools:

SMU(A) Maahad Muhammadi Lelaki, Kelantan (2001-2004)

MRSM Beseri, Perlis ( 2004)

SMU(A) Maahad Muhammadi Lelaki (2004-2005)

Posts : Class representative sem 2 year 1, Asst Sport & Rec IPhA 09/10

Visit his blog

Our second candidate is Sister Hanisah Kamaruddin of Rx 6th from Putrajaya. She’s actively devoting herself not just to score high CGPA but also to play important part in the betterment of the world!  Check out her involvement in curricular activities:

  • Netball player – iium sport carnival 2008
  • Asst Headcom Public Relation Islamic Awareness Campaign (ISAC) 2009 –SRC IIUM
  • Asst Headcom Public Relation IIUM Kuantan Festival (I-Quest) 2009 – SRC IIUM
  • Participant – Phytochemical Screening Expedition 2009 – Natural Medicinal Plant Product Centre(NMPC), Kulliyyah of Pharmacy,IIUM
  • Participant -8th APPS Leaders in Training (LIT-APPS) 2009- International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF)
  • Participant- ESQ Leadership Training 2009- ESQ leadership centre/ SRC
  • Committees of Karnival Pendidikan Pencegahan dadah peringkat negeri pahang tahun 2009 – Jabatan Pelajaran Pahang/Kulliyyah of Pharmacy,IIUM
  • Participant – Rebranding Dakwah Workshop 2009 –CAMPRO,SRC

Our third candidate is sister Nur ‘Atiqah Md Hussin, rx6th .She’s a married lady whom has big heart and strong determination. Details :-

  • National : Head of accounting at national gathering of pmacy students (NOGAPS)
  • Kulliyyah : Gen Treasurer of IPhA & various related progs of IPhA 07/08
  • Asst Sec of I-QUEST
  • Asst sec of gen sec of SRC
  • Asst prep & tech of marriage course organized by SRC
  • FaCteam’s member
  • Volunteer team member
  • Involved in medical check up


Let’s see what our previous representative of SRC have to say about..

Brother Azwadi–   “As an exco of SRC, you have to expect that you will have less rest than others. It is a challenge for you especially in ensuring your academic performance will not be disturbed by your responsibility as SRC.

However it is a good opportunity for you to learn about leadership, public relation, networking and what not. Make sure to prepare yourself with a good time management and always prioritize priority.

To all SRC candidates of Pharmacy constituency, I wish you all the best. ”

Ikhlaskan niat anda untuk berkhidmat kepada orang lain kerana ALLAH swt. InsyaALLAH setiap perkara baik pasti akan mendapat ganjaran daripadaNya.

“ Dalam Pahit Ada Manisnya”

Tenure 07/08.


You have to vote for two of them to represent us in Student Representative Committee (SRC).Make your own wise choices  (^-^)

-BROUGHT TO U BY IPRESS in collaboration with IPha office bearer-

Visit from CFS IIUM

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Today’s agenda started with the welcoming speech from our honorable dean, Prof Datuk Dr Tariq. As he mentioned several times  “If u look at other pharmacy schools, they all want to be community pharmacists & none  of them want to succeed in industry. However the strength of our kulliyyah is in clinical pharmacy because we have more than half dozen staffs in basic medical science department.  Besides we use the ratio 8 : 1, it shouldn’t be any problem since we have adequate lecturers. Unique about our kulliyyah is that we have our own GMP Pilot Plan , we can sell our own products and excel in natural medicinal products. Lastly,we welcome our graduates to come and replace us. ”

Then, the agenda continued with sharing moments n visit to pilot plan. Like my fren said ” siapa-siapa yg masih fikir nak tukar ke medic ke, sila la ubah fikiran anda ye, jgn menyesal !!” 😀

Thanks to the juniors from CFS IIUM who came and visit us in iium kuantan !!