2nd Meeting of IPhA Office Bearers

Posted: January 12, 2010 by arcoxia37 in Uncategorized

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11/01/10, KOP Meeting Room, 9pm..

News update from 2nd Meeting of IPhA Office Bearers :-

  • This coming wednesday (2o/01/2010) there will be held a meeting between Ipha President and Admin
  • Ipha won 3rd place in Interkulliyyah sports carnival
  • No events will be conducted 2 weeks before the mid sem exam
  • There will be Ipha Leadership Cmp after mid sem exam
  • Updates from each bureau – Edu – about score A campaign, Pub & Info– Ipha Mag & Newsletter soon to be released, D & T-Kuliah Agama every wednesday night @ CF Bro & Fiqh Pharmacy Book in the progress, Sports-Interbatch will be held on 27 Feb  & bowling tournament on 28 feb,  Welfare-Recycle week & Cohsas,  students evaluation form already submitted to all lecturers from year 1 to year 4, khairt fund will be collected @ week 4 every month, suggestion box still in progress, I-CORP– name tag for clinical attachment and other products will soon be available, PR– Asia-Pasific Pharmaceutical Symposium will be held in Seoul Korea 4th-10July 2010 (The num of participants is limited ), NO GAPS in May, visit from CFS IIUM on the 16th Jan


  1. hajarzainal says:

    cayalah I- Press.. dah pandai terjah secretary ye..huhu

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