Campus Election (part 2)

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Hey guys let’s check out the profile of all our three candidates:

Bro Ahmad Mustaqim bin Ariffin is  Rx 7th from Peringat, Kota Bharu, Kelantan. He was born on the final day of 1988 Deember 31 . He’s very enthusiastic in sport especially in badminton, football, futsal, takraw.

Bro mus previous schools:

SMU(A) Maahad Muhammadi Lelaki, Kelantan (2001-2004)

MRSM Beseri, Perlis ( 2004)

SMU(A) Maahad Muhammadi Lelaki (2004-2005)

Posts : Class representative sem 2 year 1, Asst Sport & Rec IPhA 09/10

Visit his blog

Our second candidate is Sister Hanisah Kamaruddin of Rx 6th from Putrajaya. She’s actively devoting herself not just to score high CGPA but also to play important part in the betterment of the world!  Check out her involvement in curricular activities:

  • Netball player – iium sport carnival 2008
  • Asst Headcom Public Relation Islamic Awareness Campaign (ISAC) 2009 –SRC IIUM
  • Asst Headcom Public Relation IIUM Kuantan Festival (I-Quest) 2009 – SRC IIUM
  • Participant – Phytochemical Screening Expedition 2009 – Natural Medicinal Plant Product Centre(NMPC), Kulliyyah of Pharmacy,IIUM
  • Participant -8th APPS Leaders in Training (LIT-APPS) 2009- International Pharmaceutical Students Federation (IPSF)
  • Participant- ESQ Leadership Training 2009- ESQ leadership centre/ SRC
  • Committees of Karnival Pendidikan Pencegahan dadah peringkat negeri pahang tahun 2009 – Jabatan Pelajaran Pahang/Kulliyyah of Pharmacy,IIUM
  • Participant – Rebranding Dakwah Workshop 2009 –CAMPRO,SRC

Our third candidate is sister Nur ‘Atiqah Md Hussin, rx6th .She’s a married lady whom has big heart and strong determination. Details :-

  • National : Head of accounting at national gathering of pmacy students (NOGAPS)
  • Kulliyyah : Gen Treasurer of IPhA & various related progs of IPhA 07/08
  • Asst Sec of I-QUEST
  • Asst sec of gen sec of SRC
  • Asst prep & tech of marriage course organized by SRC
  • FaCteam’s member
  • Volunteer team member
  • Involved in medical check up


Let’s see what our previous representative of SRC have to say about..

Brother Azwadi–   “As an exco of SRC, you have to expect that you will have less rest than others. It is a challenge for you especially in ensuring your academic performance will not be disturbed by your responsibility as SRC.

However it is a good opportunity for you to learn about leadership, public relation, networking and what not. Make sure to prepare yourself with a good time management and always prioritize priority.

To all SRC candidates of Pharmacy constituency, I wish you all the best. ”

Ikhlaskan niat anda untuk berkhidmat kepada orang lain kerana ALLAH swt. InsyaALLAH setiap perkara baik pasti akan mendapat ganjaran daripadaNya.

“ Dalam Pahit Ada Manisnya”

Tenure 07/08.


You have to vote for two of them to represent us in Student Representative Committee (SRC).Make your own wise choices  (^-^)

-BROUGHT TO U BY IPRESS in collaboration with IPha office bearer-


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