Visit from CFS IIUM

Posted: January 16, 2010 by arcoxia37 in Uncategorized

Today’s agenda started with the welcoming speech from our honorable dean, Prof Datuk Dr Tariq. As he mentioned several times  “If u look at other pharmacy schools, they all want to be community pharmacists & none  of them want to succeed in industry. However the strength of our kulliyyah is in clinical pharmacy because we have more than half dozen staffs in basic medical science department.  Besides we use the ratio 8 : 1, it shouldn’t be any problem since we have adequate lecturers. Unique about our kulliyyah is that we have our own GMP Pilot Plan , we can sell our own products and excel in natural medicinal products. Lastly,we welcome our graduates to come and replace us. ”

Then, the agenda continued with sharing moments n visit to pilot plan. Like my fren said ” siapa-siapa yg masih fikir nak tukar ke medic ke, sila la ubah fikiran anda ye, jgn menyesal !!” 😀

Thanks to the juniors from CFS IIUM who came and visit us in iium kuantan !!



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