Campus Election (part 3)

Posted: January 18, 2010 by arcoxia37 in Uncategorized

Second year students sangat bersemangat memasang poster for their candidate, Mustaqim.

Mustaqim posters are now available in KOP 🙂

*Sister Hanisah & Sister ‘Atiqah posters @ KOP are in progress*

Words of wisdom from candidates :-

Sister Nur ‘Atiqah Md Hussin “Dear friends, after resting for about a year from any activities, now I believe it’s the right time to make a comeback in order to continue the mission- contributing for ummatic’s development and improvement. Hence, if only you trust me enough, VOTE FOR ME then. InsyaAllah, right person, right time, right decision. Thank you for your support, in advance ….”


Bro Ahmad Mustaqim Arrifin “Dear valued friends, i believe my presence is not to waste any of your time with my talk..cos as u all know,i’m not used to just talk, i usually walk the talk. i’m more than meets the eye..i’ll look beyond what i see.. when it comes to responsibility, i wont take it lightly, when it comes to idea, i will definitely share my full thoughts as u see. in front of u, is not just no one, it’s someone that u all can rely on..can count on me.. i am someone..& if u vote for me, i can be somebody !! i’m the one that everybody looking for ! your wish is my command ! vote for the one not by what u think he or she is but the one u know he or she is.. i’m here to send u a message n u all here to translate it. VOTE FOR ME ! thanks !!”


Sister Hanisah Kamaruddin “Alhamdulillah… The campus election is just around the corner. Hope that all pharmacy students will grab this opportunity to be a part this once-a-year event and vote for their preferred candidates. As one of the candidates for kulliyyah of pharmacy constituency for SRC, I am here not to challenge any of my friends in election. It’s nothing personal. It’s just to show that there are still peoples from the Kulliyyah of Pharmacy who are concern about what’s happening in campus especially in our beloved kulliyyah, and believe that we are capable to achieve something even more than what we already have now. Do care to be aware. Let us together strive for the best and be among the best…

“success is a journey, not a destination…”


Ouh not to forget, last words from our previous representative, Sister Syaza Husni

“Salam perjuangan to all… To be given the amanah as the Students’ Representative Council means to devote yourself as the representative of all the IIUM students. Such a big responsibility requires a strong heart, high spirits, determination, perseverance and a strong faith in Him.

As said by Br. Azwadi…when you become one of the SRC members, do not expect to have time like others…most of your time will be used to serve others…until at one point you realized that you have to sacrifice your time with your friends,  time to study, etc and of course your time will be full with list of things to do…

Besides, SRC play a role just like the YB (Yang Berhormat) where you will represent the image of IIUM…there are time when you will meet the top management of the Nation, the top management of the University, others colleagues of Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar from other IPTA/IPTS…represent the university either nationally or internationally.. .and at the same time to keep good rappo with the students..those requires good PR…

But…that is not all about SRC…even though sometimes it is quite tough, after went through all the experiences..either hard or not…somehow it turns to be the memories that you will cherish all your life…

So, to all the candidates of SRC…wish you all the best…ikhlaskan hati keranaNya…ready to give your best…ready to sacrifice all that you have for the sake of the students and the university…and hold the amanah until to the end…insyaAllah…Dia akan menolong sesiapa yang berjuang di jalanNya…

It is not important either you win or not..the most important thing is to have the spirit to give your best…

To all friends…please show your full support  to our candidates and also after they become the SRC…as they really2 need you…..your support will make them strong…

dont forget to cast your vote!!!”

SRC Pharmacy Constituency 0708, 0809
Treasurer of SRC Kuantan 0708,
Vice President of SRC Kuantan 0809.


4 days left until campus election day ! Fikir dengan bijak ! Anda mampu mengubahnya ! The power is in your hands 😉


  1. arcoxia37 says:

    ayat mus yg i’m here to send a msg tu mcm optimus prime lol.. ahahaha

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