SRC Election Rally

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Sister ‘Atiqah Md Hussin

Manifesto : Smile & salam is her policy, focus is on sticking to the oneness of ALLAH in everything we do, try to be a comprehensive agent of holistic excellence,  being realistic which focusing more on the students personal development by implementing triple ice missions , integrate the information between IPhA & SRC- introduce & promote IPhA to the outside world

“Right person, right time & right decision”

Ahmad Mustaqim Ariffin

Manifesto : To upgrade the sportsmanship level of IIUM students, to rise students voice to administration and to create sense of awareness among students to society and current issues

“Leaders are made, not born”

Sister Hanisah Kamaruddin

Manifesto : To encourage participation of IIUM students in recreational and outdoor activity and exploring the nature, to enhance / polish skill, talent and potential of IIUM students in preparation of becoming muslim profesional, to propose roofed walkway from mahallah to Kulliyyah of Pharmacy and lastly to provide a platform for IIIUM students particularly pharmacy students to serve the community and to apply the knowledge gained in IIUM

“success is a journey, not a destination…”

Mr President also came to src rally 😉

Afif Ahmad ( ex SRC)

short speech from Apip to candidates :

“salam pengenalan kpd sesiapa x knal… heee
Thanx to my abe, wadi n jaja for da previous advises or comments..
sorry coz x reti nk ckp pe~ wawawa
ngarut jelaa ek!
hurm… src?? sport rec commitee?? haha..student rep council~
the word REPRESENTATIVE is not a simple word to begin with..
its not just by wearing suit n ties, meetings all da times, being executives n presidential diplomats… dats only a small part of src…
the major part, Merakyat adalah tggnjwb! the community is your priority~ BE with Them, TALK with Them n WALK with them~
Some people may say IMAGE is important to be a SRC… but Image is just an excuse! your action n contribution speak da best who you really are… Have ur own style but SHINE with dat style guys!
aku da start ngarut da ni… so, to end up dis is my FAMOUS LAST WORDS (hahahhahaa cm nk bg wasiat je)
“to please everybody is sumtin foolish!”

syukran n chowwzzz~

p/s: before that, sorry sgt2 to all bdk2 uia, beloved lecturers, staffs, pakguards, mkcik2 cleaner yg sentiasa melakukn keje2 yg mulia, pekerja cafe n sesapa je laa jika diri ini pernah melakukn kesilapan n kesalahan… Thanx to all yg sudi membantu diri ini yg sentiasa lemah dan lalai dr segala sudut…to all candidates, GUDLUCK and all da best! to ipha members, CHOOSE wisely based on the candidates’ credibility and personality! jgn ikut org tau…

SMILE~ 🙂 -Apip

Actually they all have different views but the same goal, namely to serve the citizens of this kulliyyah. Indeed, they all have talent as a credible leader. We pray the best for them !! Don’t  forget to cast ur vote tomorrow !  EACH VOTE IS VALUABLE ! 9 am – 5 pm @ Computer Lab KOM Level 2


  1. Shamel says:

    “Have your style and shine with that style guys..”

    Uuu.. like that words from Apip.

  2. azwadi says:

    terlepas peluang untuk ke Rally tengah hari tadi… semoga berjaya semua. to Apip, sama2.

  3. apip says:

    hei beauty, like ur style! heheheh
    abe ku, afwan bijiddan~

  4. Shamel says:

    shut up apip. Seems like u’re overexposed in our election week, outshining the other 3 candidates. haha. Our lenses love u, no?

  5. jihan says:

    tolong lah..lens aku tak lov si apip ni okeh…dy tu yg suke mencapap tak tentu fasal. haha. pak cik, can i call u hey beautyy ??? haha !

  6. apip says:

    hahahaha… aku ni campaign manager ntuk diorg laaa~ bosan laaa kalo keadaan kop sunyi muram n senyap smcm je… hahahhahaa~ chills n cheers beauty!

    jihan, ko tu yg asik fokus aku je~ hahahahahha apekah????

  7. jihan says:

    mn de..ko perasan pe cer.. haha..aku fokus org len, tp ko mst nak sebok2 masuk cam aku…
    mmg tak sunyi dah kop..sekali kao gelak mcm jelmaan jin dah.. ahaha…

  8. hajarzainal says:

    thanks to I-Press for the coverage.
    best regards from IPhA mainboard

  9. apip says:

    hahahaha…. aku kn full time model ntuk KOP! hahahah… shamel aku nye manager~ rite beauty? :p
    tu bkn gelak aku… kawan aku laa gelak cmtu~ hahahaha

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