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First Book Review Session

Posted: February 27, 2010 by Shamel in Event

With Dr Kausar.

You won’t hear any Florence and Attwood here. She talked about a book authored by Hansadutta. Click HERE to know more about the author and books he wrote.

1st glance, I was attracted with the cover

Brothers who attended

..and sisters. Another two sat in front!

It’s an unusual practice in Malaysia to have live book review session, but it is common in some countries abroad. And it is okay to have few people in anything new. That’s what Dr Kausar said. And she hoped to hearing review from the students in the future.

Thanks to our Mr President who initiates this programme and thanks to Education and Professional Bureau for organising the session.

“Read everything. Who knows, we might use the knowledge some time!”


IPhA Bowling Tournament 2010

Posted: February 26, 2010 by I-Press in Uncategorized

Tournament was been held last week, 21th February at Megalanes, Megamall Kuantan. Refer – here

Bro : Champion – Wadi, Solah, Latfi & Hadi (Y4 Team)
Bro : Best Player – Latfi (Y4)

Sis : Champion : Nabila, Miftah, Mardhiyyah, Ruzaini (Y3 Team)
Sis : Best Player – Miftah (Y3)
Congrate to all the winners!

People’s Voice (part 2)

Posted: February 25, 2010 by I-Press in Uncategorized

Refer to previous post of ‘People’s Voice Part 1’ –, now we publish the part 2

When we think about student, we must think about the responsibility of being a student. Kulliyyah of Pharmacy, IIUM is the medium for us to gain knowledge, to prepare ourselves for the better future work as pharmacists. Therefore, we must work hard to get knowledge as much as possible but at the same time, we must maintain our relationship with Allah S.W.T as well as our parents. How difficult it is to be an IIUM pharmacy student, we must never stop learning because learning is a lifelong process. Rise and fall is a nature. There is a no losser but only a winner. You will fail only when you plan to fail. Last but not least, enjoy your life!! =) – MOHD SAIFUDDIN B ABDUL RAHMAN, Class Rep. Y3 SEM2 Session 2009/2010, from Kangar, Perlis.

Being a pharmacy student in garden of knowledge and virtues is a great opportunity since we not only focusing the academic but also in the same time we implement the aspiration of the contemporary global Muslim to regain the Ummah’s leadership in the quest for knowledge .There for a lot of  time,effort and energy  is needed in order to become a successful  muslim pharmacist .No pain ,no gain..for year 3 students,we have walk together for the 6 semesters,and there are 2 semester more before we  end  the journey of our  campus life. Thus , let us use this period appropriately and hopefully we  are well prepared for the next journey of our career  life. – NUSAIBAH FARHANI BT WAHID, Asst. Class Rep. Y3 SEM2 Session 2009/2010, from Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu.

People’s Voice (Part 3)

Posted: February 24, 2010 by syaradhiyah in This and That

Voice out tomorrow’s leaders..continue with Rx7 class reps particularly of this semester.

Let’s hear (though actually we read) some message from them. Hopefully could be beneficial..=)


Work With SRC

Posted: February 23, 2010 by Shamel in Announcement

Sometimes, people do have interest and passion in contributing to the community. But at the same time they want to retain their anonymity.

Being an SRC will surely have your pictures stuck on the wall. So here’s a good news for you. Grab the chance be the SRC committees, work together with them, contribute to the IIUM community but still, you can stay behind the wall.

Kursus Pra-Perkahwinan

Posted: February 22, 2010 by I-Press in Uncategorized

Kursus yg dianjurkan oleh MRC, pada 20/2 – 21/2/2010 di audi KOP.

-8 slot, 1 jam setiap satu slot, seramai 170 org join.

-ada test (50 soalan), kena dpt 90% (soalan senang je)

-speaker2 yg best walaupun ada jgk yg x best sampai ramai yg tertidur, yelah 2 hari dgr ceramah.bayangkn! btw, kawen punya pasal, tahan je.

-asyik makan je. kul10 mkn, kul 12mkn n rehat, kul 430 mkn n tamat.

Ramai y3 n y4 join kursus ni. Selamat pengantin baru!hehe..

A glimpse on World Story

Posted: February 20, 2010 by Shamel in Event

Look who’s among us attended World Story talk at KOM Auditorium. I didn’t went far to the ladies side (malu). So only our brothers’ pictures here.

Norezham preferred world stories from newspaper

Razak led as the moderator

Syazwan hid Azwadi's face

On brother's side

The poster did mention about limited seats. Now wondering..

Ruzmayuddin and Nizam were discussing world matters

Am listened attentively

Syamil got ready with camera in hand

Neither a student nor staff

But claimed to work as ‘pelaut’. Not sure whether a sailor or a fisherman. In between his question, he spoke out his little disappointment  on today’s attendance. Well, I think most of them went to marriage course?

"What if I lose interest in my current field?"

Hafiz. Do you notice our SRC, Hanisah at the back?

Something to apply for IPhA future

Anyone with story from marriage course at KOP Auditorium?