Exclusive: The Backbones

Posted: February 3, 2010 by Shamel in This and That

My Goodness, what a long week full of stress and pile of notes but lacking in sleep with significant reduced level of serotonin.

Now for the first time ever, we bring exclusive photos of our I-Press backbones; fellow renowned reporters and photographers all this while. Enjoy the mini editorial magazine by I-Press.

May I-Press keeps breathing with more contribution and participation by IPhA members. We welcome fresh faces to continue our journey and name we’ve been establishing since months ago.

Faithfully yours,

  1. jihan says:

    wieee…at last !!! i’m on ipress !!!!
    hahaha.. ssh btol aku nak msk ipress nie..kuang kuang

  2. Shamel says:

    Hehe. terbongkar sudah wajah2 penulis I-Press

  3. jihan says:

    adeyh…. blur kan muke aku plz.. hua hua hua

  4. fadlan says:

    mantap…tahniah i-press..

  5. azwadi says:

    tahniah2…moga ipress terus segar dengan idea baru..

  6. Shamel says:

    thanx2 kpd sokongan semua. kami akan berusaha lbey gigih lg. ceyh2..

  7. amin says:

    shamel, ko lupa mskkan….

    3)Che Am


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