IPhA 09/10 Leadership Camp

Posted: February 6, 2010 by arcoxia37 in Uncategorized

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Herm for ur info guys, leadership program has been held today @ Taman Gelora. (Mainboard + 2 subcoms  + I-press itself).  Program was attended by a total of approximately thirty participants. Program began with the ice breaking… each participant must take a few pieces of tissue to describe the benefits they can give to others. Later, various activities have been conducted among them- leadership quality, time management, how to make sponsorship and etc. To be a leader, there are five criteria to be concerned which is very important- Position, Permission, Production, Development, and Personhood. Those criteria is very closely related to the formation of self-potential. And the most important is Persoonhood where here the ability of a leader can be seen when he is capable to change people potential to be better. In addition, priority and goal is very important for a leader who is also a student. We not only need to smooth divides time between  society and learning, but there must be objective. And learn to say  “No”, that we should wisely choose the task and say No to insignificant task. wieeeeeee 😉

I-press wanna share words of wisdom  from Vice President 2, Bro Syamil Zahari, “The internal matter is more important rather than external, concern more on relationships between lecturers-students and seniors-juniors”

A question was asked. How to strengthen the relationship between seniors and juniors among IPhA’s ??

What say u ???

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  1. amin says:

    do an assembly?? =)

  2. jihan says:

    naaaa… assembly wont solve dis prob i guess !
    erm ini internal conflict ni.. it depends on da individual itself aite ?
    put the blame in each of every student who dunnot have that self belonging !!!

  3. amin says:

    yap… btl jgk tu..

  4. amin says:

    ada lg satu, buat mcm CP punya presentation. gabung semua year.

  5. Shamel says:

    minta maaef kerana tidak dapat hadir. ceyh2.. sopan~

  6. jihan says:

    ohh.. dasat… tak sanggup tu. haha..
    sopannye kau shamel. aku tunggu kau sampai berjanggut sudah.

  7. Haa Miim =) says:

    agk bernas cdgn amin tu (buat presentation or keje pape) sbbnya melalui being in the same team, wat keje sama2 kita akan kenal orang lain better. tapinye kan… subjek ape yg bley gabung smua yr? (mcm x de je…) klo x guna stand academic, msti ramai yg x nk involve plk..

  8. Salam..

    Izinkan mencelah..

    During an international conference, I’ve seen a demonstration on ‘tagging’ / ‘shadowing’ system involving pharmacy students from year 1 – year 4. It has been implented in US. They use case-based learning. The students work in a case (like in PBL). A case on Community-acquired pneumonia (CAP), for instance. Then, the lecturers prepare guiding questions for students to discuss, then they will present the case.

    For 1st year students, they have to discuss / answer questions related to anatomy and physiology of respiratory infection, maybe. Or can discuss about pharmaceutical dosage forms that can be used for respiratory diseases.

    Second year student probably can discuss about pathology of the disease, the inflammatory response etc.

    Third year students maybe can discuss about the pathophysio of , definition of CAP and comparison between CAP & hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP), infecting pathogens, pharmacology of resp drugs, antibiotics etc.

    Then, final year students can discuss about the pharmacotherapy of CAP. (supported by evidences from National Antibiotic Guidelines, WHO guideline, British/ American Thoracic Society Guideline, journal acticles etc).

    Sounds like a great idea. But I dunno how many students per batch they got.

    P/S: Nak combine Year 4 & Year 3 yg ramai ni pun mcm2 hal, tatau la cemana nk combine smua..ngan bilangan student yg rmai. Tunggu ratio lecturers: students cukup, maybe baru leh pikir pasal ni..


  9. amin says:

    Sr. Haa mim, tepat!kalau xde kaitan dgn akademik, xramai yg join. yg join tu plak org sama. so, better use ‘akademik related prog’ as a platform to strengthen the ukhuwah.

    Sr. Syahiera, silakan. it’s open to all. =)
    mcm best idea tu sis. tp btlla apa yg sis ckp tu tgg lecturers cukup. recontructuring the teaching method…

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