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Posted: February 6, 2010 by I-Press in Uncategorized
Perception of Pharmacy Students in Malaysia on the Use of Objective Structured Clinical Examinations to Evaluate CompetenceAhmed Awaisu, MPharm (Clin Pharm),corresponding authora Mohamad Haniki Nik Mohamed, PharmD,b and Qais Ahmad Mohammad Al-Efan, MPharm (Clin Pharm)b

Over 80% of the students found the OSCE to be helpful in highlighting areas of weaknesses in their clinical competencies. Seventy-eight percent agreed that it was comprehensive and 66% believed it was fair. About 46% felt that the 15 minutes allocated per station was inadequate. Most importantly, about half of the students raised concerns that personality, ethnicity, and/or gender, as well as interpatient and interassessor variability were potential sources of bias that could affect their scores. However, an overwhelming proportion of the students (90%) agreed that the OSCE provided a useful and practical learning experience.
Students’ perceptions and acceptance of the new method of assessment were positive. The survey further highlighted for future refinement the strengths and weaknesses associated with the development and implementation of an OSCE in the International Islamic University Malaysia’s pharmacy curriculum.

The OSCE was a useful assessment method. The interrater and interpatient variability were the major weaknesses of our OSCE. Hence, this survey was a vital tool that highlighted the strengths and weaknesses in the development and implementation of an OSCE in a pharmacy curriculum in Malaysia.

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  1. Salam..

    FYI, Dr.Zainol was the one who proposed the idea of OSCE to Prof Tariq a few years ago. It was based on his academic experience in Canada. But, too bad that he was not there when the first OSCE in KoP was implemented in 2006 (on us, the 1st batch). He already left to do his PhD at that time. And now he is the OSCE Coordinator for this coming OSCE for the current final year student.

    All the best.

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