People’s Voice (part 1)

Posted: February 18, 2010 by arcoxia37 in Uncategorized

Have u ever been a Classrep or batch leader? how it seems? Be the  representative of the class  is not an easy thing man, a lot of responsibility that must be done..i was the classrep when i was in standard 2 n 3 , kalau tak silap lah. heee. Responsibility of the same, namely to become the head of all students, but different challenges, especially when representing the class at a higher level like we are now in university..herm I-press want to share experiences /suggestions from representatives of 1st year pharmacy regarding iium pharmacy students…Mahmud Ulwan as the class rep & Baiti Solehah as the asst..clap clap*

ulalala our football player.. 😀

“My opinion is pharmacy students should have critical & global thinking in every aspect. But at the same time do not over concern about a simple problem, due to the act that could cause greater complication. Furthermore, strive in what ever u do for da sake of Allah n His Rasul. Hope our life will be blessed all the time…”

“Actually it’s quite shocking for me when I was appointed as Rx8 assistant class rep. Pretty number of things rush into my minds as I have to take care of 104 students. But then, I realize that I have so many supportive friends and all of them are very kind. We, IIUM pharmacy students share the same trail to be a triumphant Muslim Pharmacist. It’s still a long journey for us to arrive at the destination. However, with a strong bond of ukhuwwah among us, I believe all of us will achieve the victory together.”

Next ? kita terjah 2nd year, 3rd n 4th year pulak !! 😀


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