A glimpse on World Story

Posted: February 20, 2010 by Shamel in Event

Look who’s among us attended World Story talk at KOM Auditorium. I didn’t went far to the ladies side (malu). So only our brothers’ pictures here.

Norezham preferred world stories from newspaper

Razak led as the moderator

Syazwan hid Azwadi's face

On brother's side

The poster did mention about limited seats. Now wondering..

Ruzmayuddin and Nizam were discussing world matters

Am listened attentively

Syamil got ready with camera in hand

Neither a student nor staff

But claimed to work as ‘pelaut’. Not sure whether a sailor or a fisherman. In between his question, he spoke out his little disappointment  on today’s attendance. Well, I think most of them went to marriage course?

"What if I lose interest in my current field?"

Hafiz. Do you notice our SRC, Hanisah at the back?

Something to apply for IPhA future

Anyone with story from marriage course at KOP Auditorium?

  1. azwadi says:

    second by second, the photos make my jiwa meronta-ronta to have a camera like urs…ahaha…bila la.

  2. aizuddinmn says:

    soklan yg terungkai..huhu..

  3. aizuddinmn says:

    eh..soklan yg x terungkai…huhu…

  4. jihan says:

    apa lagi bro wadi ! beli jgn tak beli ! 😀

  5. azwadi says:

    fulus@ungkos@money hey

  6. syaradhiyah says:

    so sad bila tau x dpt pegi “world story”..
    but so optimist to know that there will be VCD sold for every talk held.

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