People’s Voice (Part 3)

Posted: February 24, 2010 by syaradhiyah in This and That

Voice out tomorrow’s leaders..continue with Rx7 class reps particularly of this semester.

Let’s hear (though actually we read) some message from them. Hopefully could be beneficial..=)


  1. awe says:

    fuh..mantap ah cap…!!!

  2. azwadi says:

    tu la pasal awe…mantap gila acap…!!

  3. hanisah says:

    hope dat all rx7th family members share the same inspiration as their leaders

  4. syaradhiyah says:

    acap tu..diam2 ubi berisi tu..
    insyaAllah kak hanisah..mudah2an apa yg acap ckp tu, cerminan bg semua members Rx7 and IPhA seluruhnya~!

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