First Book Review Session

Posted: February 27, 2010 by Shamel in Event

With Dr Kausar.

You won’t hear any Florence and Attwood here. She talked about a book authored by Hansadutta. Click HERE to know more about the author and books he wrote.

1st glance, I was attracted with the cover

Brothers who attended

..and sisters. Another two sat in front!

It’s an unusual practice in Malaysia to have live book review session, but it is common in some countries abroad. And it is okay to have few people in anything new. That’s what Dr Kausar said. And she hoped to hearing review from the students in the future.

Thanks to our Mr President who initiates this programme and thanks to Education and Professional Bureau for organising the session.

“Read everything. Who knows, we might use the knowledge some time!”

  1. europmarUnura says:

    гей порно фото качки. его новая книга, наряду с даровитыми, хотя и слишком роскошно, лихо сделанными текстами, содержит в себе.

  2. europmarUnura says:

    латинос показывает член; мексиканец в семейниках 2 фото]; черный член мулата 8 фото]; голые арабы геи 7 фото]; гей японец гоняет головку 8 фото]

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