Newspapers are now available!

Posted: March 1, 2010 by I-Press in Uncategorized

Good news again! Starting today, 2 newspapers (Berita Harian & The Star) are available at the students’ lounge (at round table near the surau).

It’s a DAILY subscription except on Saturdays and Sundays.. and public holidays! Sit together with your buddies and share beautiful moment together. Have cups of coffee while discussing nation, world and sport news. Now, no reason for you to not keeping up to date with the latest stories around you. 

So, time rehat datang la ramai-ramai baca paper!

  1. syaradhiyah says:

    bagus ni~
    tp rasa mcm brothers je mendominasi tempat ni…hu hu

  2. azwadi says:

    please make sure the newspaper x terbang ke sana ke mari masa takde orang baca sbb kena tiup ngan angin sepoi2 … letak PEMBERAT…hehe

  3. amin says:

    wadi, noted. =) hehe

    syar, hmm.. org luar pun lepak kt meja tu jgk bc paper. terbaikk

  4. azwadi says:

    pegi malam ni tengok2 dah ada tempat letak paper…mantap2.

  5. aizuddinmn says:


  6. syaradhiyah says:

    wah..seronok la..
    mmg rasa best dpt baca newpaper..

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