Special Seminar : Future Directions in Pharmacy Practice & Education

Posted: March 3, 2010 by arcoxia37 in Uncategorized

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It is an honour for us to receive a visit from School of Pharmacy, University of Queensland , Brisbane Australia today . A brief seminar by Professor Nick Shaw & Dr Lisa Nissen but packed with information in education and pharmacy practice. To become a pharmacist in Aussie, the people  need to study four years to complete a Bachelor of Pharmacy, same as what we are practicing in Malaysia..In Australia, pharmacy students  must also complete thousand hours of practical training after  graduation… take the graduate training program, and then be reviewed by the Pharmacy Board..

As mentioned by the Dr, pharmacist are the most overeducated of all professionals ! 😀 must be proud of yourself people ! Besides, in aussie , they practicing the Home Medicines Review ( HMR ) which is a collaborative service used to assist the quality use of medicines by improving the outcomes surrounding at home medicine use.  The goal of HMR is to maximise an individual patient’s benefit from their medication regimen, accomplished through a team approach involving the general practitioner (GP) and the patient’s preferred community pharmacist, with the patient as the central focus. It can involve other relevant members of the healthcare team, such as practice or community nurses or carers.

The Dr said, they also practicing the Quality Use of medicines. It is very active in Australia, involves many disciplines and it is much broader than pharmaceutical care. They use ‘techno’ as their tool to provide all the information to the patient, from retail to the health care provider. – Assistive technology, Adherence Monitoring and videoconferencing ! Cool rite ? 😀

Pharmacy in Aussie also endorse GP superclinics which concern about making saving, rural area . etc. The GP superclinics facilitate the expansion of medicine to cover the allied health sector but it will increase pressure on the hospital ! 😀

In a nutshell, I think pharmacy students in IIUM  must take the challenge to be the real Muslim Pharmacists so that we can stand at par with other pharmacy schools in Malaysia …n not only in Malaysia but to the entire world !  (So, malam ni jangan lupe pegi talk Muslim Profesionals di LH1 KOP ) 😀

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