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Highlights: NoGAPS 2010 at AIMST

Posted: May 29, 2010 by Shamel in Event

I tell you what, the environment at AIMST is superb. You’ll feel like being in Singapore, though I’ve never been there before (hahaha) but those programmes in TV and pictures I saw show the university looks almost the same. Modern but greener.

We, who represented IIUM:

Rx8: All sisters of whom I didn’t know their names yet, but the pictures will tell you soon. So do not worry.

Rx7: Hilmi, Syamil, Adli

Rx6: Shamel, Aizuddin,  Apip

Rx5: Hanis, Johan, Jiji, Shifaa and Fiza

And here’s the highlight of the event:

  • During registration, they played high beat music that we felt really energetic. We got bags in which there were pens, notebooks, t-Shirts and name-tags.
  • Ice-breaking was done in a hall that they call orientation hall. There were few exciting games that need us to run here and there, getting to know people aside from our group members.
  • University tour had shown us that the Dentistry Institute seems the greatest building there, highly equipped with advanced technology in the labs.
  • Symposium, as usual Mr John Cheng has always been the main attraction that keep audience stay awake.
  • Pharmrace around Sg Petani town, participants ran like there’s no tomorrow, guys wore dresses and make up, ate spicy soups and drank sweet blended drinks, puzzles and controversy with guards at SP Plaza.
  • Comunity Service was done in two places, one in Kulim and the other in Sg Petani with special kids. We had a really good time there by knowing them real close.
  • Aizuddin was among the final contestants of PCE, Shamel’s proposition group won the audience cheers but lost to the opposition team in Debate, Jiji and Shifaa performed dance for special kids during community service.
  • Hanis’ post as MyPSA President ended and the new reign of Apip begins.
  • IIUM bid for NPSC for 2012. Let’s hope our sport complex ready by that year.
  • Show time observed that Apip’s group (Orange) won the Best Dance, Aizuddin’s group (Green) awarded the Best Sketch while Shamel’s and Shifaa’s group (Pink) won The Best Singing group.
  • Grand Dinner was held at Swiss Inn (also the Swiss Garden group) and we had even-the-word-great-cannot-describe-the food. The dinner spread the 1 Malaysia message through committee’s dance performance. They sang and dance very very well.

Enjoy the pictures below.

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Educational Trip to Saudi Arabia 2010

Posted: May 28, 2010 by I-Press in Uncategorized

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah s.w.t that ETRISA 2010 has been organized successfully from 19th April to 2nd May 2010. 22 students from 4th year and 3rd year had joined this trip. Actually, it is the 2nd time for IPhA to organize this trip (the 1st trip was in 2008). Nevertheless, the trip has been an unforgettable new experience to all of us.

We departed from KLIA at 4.00 pm on 19th April 2010 with Saudi Arabian flight and arrived at Medina Airport near midnight. We stayed at Al Huda Manazeli Hotel where we can see minarets of Nabawi Mosque. Staying in Medina is so peaceful and calm. The prophet mosque is very beautiful. There are people performing ibadah inside the mosque almost 24/7. This has encouraged us very much to increase our effort in ibadah both in quantity and quality. The heart-touching moment when entering the Raudhah, visiting Rasulullah’s mausoleum and Baqi’ cemeteries has made us realize about ourselves as the servants of Allah s.w.t. We also visited Mount Uhud, King Fahd Quran Printing Complex and buy some dates at the Dates Market.

In Medina, we managed to visit Taibah University. Unfortunately, their students are on vacation at that time. However, we did have fruitful discussion with many of their lecturers. The participants are divided into several groups and there are 3-4 lecturers on each table. Many issues have been discussed, for instance curriculum, students’ activities and even lecturers’ salary! This is due to some of them are interested to come to Malaysia, but the high income offered by the Saudi Arabian universities might make them think twice. The participants are also very lucky to be able to meet the President of Taibah University, Prof. Dr. Mansour bin Mohammed Al-Nouzha. According to their staff, they usually meet the President for a few times only in a year. We feel like entering Prime Minister’s office because we have to pass few rooms before we can reach the President’s office. Alhamdulillah, at the end of the visit, we were served with lamb mandi (nasi bukhari-like) and numerous delicious Arabian foods.

Apart from that, we had a short meeting with some Malaysian students studying at Islamic University of Medina. Bro. Aziz, the Vice President of Malaysian Students Association in Medina shared bundles of stories and experience as student in Medina. He also delivered a tazkirah during the session.

The time is running very fast when we realized that it’s time to leave Medina on the 4th day. The journey along the Makkah-Medina Highway reminded us about the Prophet’s Hijrah. We kept repeating Labbaikallahumma labbaik (Here I am…in Your service here I am). We arrived at Makkah during Maghrib time and stayed at Dar Burhan Hotel. That night, we performed our 1st umrah, led by Ustaz Sebri Said. For majority of us, it was our first time to see the magnificent Masjidil Haram, entering it and see the Ka’bah in front of our very own eyes. It’s hard to describe the feeling. We were at the centre of the world where all Muslims direct themselves to during prayer!

Like Medina, staying in Makkah is ibadah-oriented. The main thing is to be ready for another prayer time. Subuh is as early as 4.30 am. We need to go early if we want to pray in the front line. We will miss the melodious and touching Quran recitation by the Imams, the determination of Muslims to perform ibadah and not to forget the Saudi Arabian polices who are well known with “Hajj!” shouting. In Makkah, we visited a few Islamic historical places such as Hira’ Cave at Jabal Nur, Jabal Thur, Jabal Rahmah, Arafah, Mina, Muzdalifah, Qiblatain Mosque and Camel Farm. It is very funny to see how outrageous the farmers are in attracting people to come and buy Camel milk from them. “Murah! Bagus! Asli!”, again and again.

Alhamdulillah, we had a surprise message from Dean of College of Pharmacy, Ummul Qura University, welcoming our visit to their place. Previously, we thought that they did not reply our request. Although still young, Ummul Qura Pharmacy College is already waiting for their new building. We were brought for a tour around the campus and observe the facilities of the Pharmacy College such as laboratories and lecture hall. Their lecturers are very enthusiastic in explaining how they learn and do lab practicals. Here, the participants were also able to meet and had short discussion with the lecturers and the final year pharmacy students. To our amazement, Pharmacognosy subject (which is learnt by our second year students) has its own department in this college. There are five specific subjects being taught to the students related to Pharmacognosy alone! Same like Taibah University, they have two programs, Bachelor of Science in Pharmaceutical Sciences (BSPS) and Doctorate of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.). Once again, we have been served with a lot of foods to the extent that we eat all of them without knowing their name and how to match them with others. After six days staying in Makkah, finally, the end has come. We leave the Holy Land of Makkah and Medina with sweet memories and arrived at KLIA safely on 2nd May 2010.

In a nutshell, I believed all the objectives have been achieved. The participants were not only able to purify their souls, improve the quality of ibadah but also in term of IPhA and IIUM, the trip had established better networking with two universities, which are Pharmacy College of Taibah University, Medina and Pharmacy College of Ummul Qura University, Makkah. Hopefully, this will help to improve the students’ performance and prepare themselves in educating the ummah and serving the nation.

Authors: Muzani and Aizuddin

Reviewer: Azwin
Original post can be viewed here –

Educational Visit to Joggy 2010

Posted: May 14, 2010 by syaradhiyah in Event

Alhamdulillah. Akhirnya Edu-Hol Visit to Jogjakarta menjadi kenyataan.

Dianggotai oleh 47 members of Rx7 dan Madam Rohani. Dr. Taher datang waktu visit ke UGM dan UII.
sponsored by Celcom Berhad, Kulliyyah of Pharmacy, company2 lain, etc. tapi mostly pakai duit sendiri. hehe.

Day 1: Breakfast at Murah Meriah Restoran. memang murah dan makanannya meriah..hehe. Then, shopping Silver Accessories at SilverWork, Kota Gede. Then headed to Keraton Jogja – muzium di raja.
Checked-in at Hotel Airlangga. setiap bilik mempunyai design yg berbeza. juga, ada taman dalam hotel. tp arts dia, sangat lah melampau..isk3.

Day 2: Visit to Universitas Gadjah Mada, preparing MoU. – by next year, InsyaAllah we can do community posting or even industrial attachment in Indonesia through UGM. =)
At night, dinner with ISMAFARSI at Goebok Resto. Decided to have stronger relationship and do more activities together. e.g: invitational RxQuiz with participants from Indonesian Universities, ISMAFARSI visit to IIUM, etc.

Day 3:
Visit to Universitas Islam Indonesia. Welcomed by Tarian Tradisional Indonesia (can’t remember the exact name). – plan to offer double degree; from UII and IIUM. if we want to do community posting there in Joggy, UII may provide us room to stay. =)
Then, went to Merapi Farma Herbal; Jamu Godhog. We tried herbal drink special for Pria / Wanita. yummee~
After that, visit to Museum Merapi. Boom~!! We got Br. Wan Hafizie Wan Harun as the new explainer [khas utk visitors from IIUM].
At night, dinner with Persatuan Kebangsaan Pelajar-pelajar Malaysia di Indonesia (PKPMI) at Chicken Hartz Buffet Restaurant.

Day 4:
Visit to Badan Tenaga Nuklir Nasional (BATAN). They offer anyone who interested to do industrial attachment or do project in Literature Search (LS) since many universities in Indonesia (eg: UGM, UII, ITB, dll.) are liaising with them too. =)
Then, we had tour in Solo City. Shopping at PGS. Best! Murah-murah~ =P
Checked-in at Surya Hotel in Solo City.

Day 5:
Visit to Pabrik Jamu Air Mancur (Kilang Herba). Masa ni baru la tau betapa pentingnya Pharmacognosy dan Herbal Medicines. So many pharmacists (mostly graduated from UGM) are working there.
Brothers ponteng solat jumaat! (musafir..hehe)
Enjoyed at Water World (or Waterbom) – woyo woyo jos~!!! –> this is how Joggy’s people shout. haha!
Most sisters continued shopping in PGS, Solo City. Only 7 of them went to Waterboom. (x_X)
At night, got Birthday Surprise for Br. Bazli, Sr. Nadhirah, and Sr. Syafiza.. they were pranked severely. kesian.. sampai menitiskan airmata bergelen2 (Nadhirah terkecuali. she was very cool~!).. memang berbaloi-baloi~ =)

Day 6:
Jalan-jalan at Pantai Parangritis (aka. Paris). Naik andong (kereta kuda) dan menuggang kuda. syoknye~ =)
Tour Malioboro. Shopping sakan~ Batik keris, batik jawa, etc.. Kapan ke Jogja Lagi?
Dinner at Pondok Cabe; rasakan sensasi pedasnya~ =P

Day 7:
Visit to Candi Borobudur; Rp 100, 000 per entry. [kat sana semua main ribu2 je..] Dropped by to buy Salak POndoh.
Had 2nd Annual Grand Dinner at Ambar Ketawang Resto, with some of PKPMI members.
Also got heart-touching farewell speech from those nice tourist guiders, Mas Dodi, Mas Tulus sang Budi, and Mas Wiwit. sadis.. =(

Day 8:
We’re back! Malaysia Tanah Airku~~
Alhamdulillah.. everything went smooth and fine.. =)

Sekian. Terima Kasih.