The 1st National Halal Pharmaceutical Convention and Exhibition (NHPCE) 2010

Posted: October 4, 2010 by arcoxia37 in Event

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The 1st National Halal Pharmaceutical Convention and Exhibition was successfully organized on the  2nd to 3rd October 2010 and this brilliant idea was initiated by our Mr PresiDin based on MIHAS and World Halal Forum that being held annually. With the theme of ‘Serving Halal products for the community’  this event intends to provide a platform that hopefully will open the people’s eyes regarding the importance of halal in pharmaceutical products.

The first day of this event started with a short talk on What is Mypsa from Mypsa’ president followed by a  talk from Madam Halimah and Bro Rusydi particularly about Pharmacy course itself. Thanks to the students from Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Beserah if i’m not mistaken who came to be our audience on the first day. Maybe those students are so eager about what is pharmacy and wanna become a pharmacist like us too 🙂                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            In In the evening, there was a talk on ‘Apa itu ubat Babi’. Unfortunately, this talk was able to tackle small number of audience only. Perhaps we’ve to change the title to something a bit more catchy to attract more audience ?

Actually the exhibition started yesterday along with the convention. There were 3 paperwork presentations and a forum conducted by well known speakers. Last but not least, zillion thanks to main sponsor CCM and co-sponsors Majlis Ugama Islam Pahang, Idaman Pharma, MyPsa, MPS, HOE Pharmaceuticals Sdn Bhd & JAKIM. Without them, this event was just like a castle in the sky.

Before I forget, from the very bottom of my heart, I just wanna say a very warm congratulations and thanks a lot to our IPhA’s President tenure 09/010 for what he has done to IPhA throughout the year ! It’s going to be legendary man.                                                                 ‘Patah tumbuh hilang tak berganti…’ 🙂

sekian sahaja dari IPhA Press 09/010

  1. nur aqma nadira bt ismail says: student diploma farmasi KIST yang hadir untuk convention NHPCE aritu..tahniah di atas kejayaan anda kerana dpt mmbuat progrm yg julung kali di adakan di UIA..biasa la jika ada kekurangan kerana pertama kali d adakan..

    sy mncdangkn jika anda ingin buat lg program2 seperti ini,
    1) sediakan “form maklum balas” untuk setiap slot. masukkan trus dlm goody bag yg disediakan supaya anda dpt mnilai program anda

    2) ajk2 di agihkan dan diberi tugas masing2 supaya tiada kekeliruan ketika mlakukn tugas masing2

    3) penyampaian dilakukan dwi bahasa..tidak smua fasih berbahasa inggeris.

    namun demikian,sy kagum dgn cara pihak KOP bgabung tnaga dan mmpunyai idea kreatif ketika merasmikan majlis.

    insyaAllah..farmasi KIST dan KOP UIA kuantan akan trus berhubung..

    ukhwah fillah.. Allahu Akbar !!

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