A Visit to Hospital Serdang

Posted: October 22, 2010 by I-Press in This and That

On last Monday, October 18th 2010, all Rx7 members were going on a visit to Hospital Serdang, Selangor. The journey was a little bit tiring but fun for us as we able to see that difference approach is used in this hospital in managing the patient’s information. As Hospital Serdang is one of the IT based hospital apart from Hospital Putrajaya, most of the processes involved which include prescription screening and drugs labeling were done computerized. Thanks a lot to all the hospital’s pharmacist who are really friendly and able to share their experiences of their work life. Oh and not to forget, we able to meet our seniors there to0ooo….  Sister Shifaa and Sister Mardhiyah  from Rx5..  🙂

These are some of the moment captured by us while strolling around the hospital..Enjoy!!

This is the first post made by me and sorry for the delay..

Fighting for final okey!!

  1. solah says:

    wah, PRP shifaa mesti tak jemu2 explain itu ini…

    • shifaa jamal says:

      saya menyebok je….kacau diorang dengar briefing. hehehe. org hospital terkejut sbb ramai student lelaki and rase pelik sebab cam xde gap senior n junior hoho

  2. azwadi says:

    hospital sultan ismail, JB pun computerized gak… mai la sini…hehe

  3. hajarzainal says:

    seronok jumpa senior!

    kak mar sgt tekun bekerja, tak angkat muka pun pandang kitorg masa mula2 kitorg sampai pastu baru dpt borak2 kejap.memang terbaik n rajin beno keje..hehe

    kalu uia sponsor boleh kami jelajah 1 malaysia cari senior2.huhu

    all da best to all. doakan ktorg nak final dah.ganbate!

  4. mardhiah says:

    best la korang datang! stress level turun serta merta :p sorry la tak sempat borak panjang..

    hajar: tak sengaja tekun plak time korg dtg, hahah :p

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