KOP Interbatch games 2010: Football day 1.

Posted: December 22, 2010 by I-Press in Event, This and That

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Greetings peeps of Ipha! As you all have known that the INTERBATCH has launched its first bullet on yesterday’s evening. Football was first on the list to start the ball rolling! We know all of you are excited about the results. For a starter, 2 matches between Rx7 vs Rx8 and also Rx9 vs Rx6 were held at the one and only appropriate field in IIUM Kuantan (opposite to the under-construction-enormous Mosque). Results were little bit exhilarating to some and might be upsetting others, nevertheless 2 matches are left for them to compete. The first game was dominated by the Rx7 with score of one to nil for Rx8. Their games were well played and brother Fadhil Nordin from Rx9 was given the honor as a referee. The second match was between Rx6 against Rx9. The game was at first dominated by the spirituous juniors. However towards the final whistle by the referee, Awe from Rx7, the Rx6 managed to score one goal. Alas, there were some players who had minor injuries on the field nonetheless showed full spirit to continue the match. Good job guys! Keep yourself glued onto I-press page for continuous updates and some pictures during the Interbatch. CIAO!


Rx9 (2) wn Rx6 (1)

Rx8 (0) lst Rx7 (1)

  1. awe says:

    kuang asam tgkap gambo tym ak tgh jd ref!!!ne aci!!!

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