Breaking News on the Interbatch 2010

Posted: December 27, 2010 by I-Press in Announcement, Event, This and That

Since the games began, Rx9 is always ranked first. On Monday (27/12/2010), the chart showed that Rx9 has 4 gold + 1 silver + 1 bronze as compared to the 2 gold and 1 silver that went to the Rx6, 2 gold to Rx8, and 1 gold to Rx7. How to assess a batch’s performance against another’s in this Interbatch ??? The answer is to use gold medal count for their rankings. Silver and bronze medals are used only as tie breakers. Are u satisfied enough with this system ?? Anyway, We are just following the Olympic system 🙂
Here’s the current result of several games : Football ( 21/12/2010), Badminton ( Single ) for both male & female, Badminton double for male and female, Ping Pong single and double for male , Futsal for both male & female, & Volleyball. Today’s game : Final football match and Ping Pong for female. Only two games left ; Netball & Basketball. Come on supporters, show ur spirit ! Bring it on ! 🙂

  1. teddyrx9 says:

    cayalah Rx’9!!

  2. awe says:

    ceh… lau ikot point, kome mmg jaoh le ketinggalan wahai rx-9…
    cube kire bape silver kitorg dpt?haa….

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