IPhA Induction Course at Duta Village Resort

Posted: January 3, 2011 by I-Press in This and That

On early days of 2011, as others has busy celebrating the new year in their hometown, IPhA mainboard has organized an induction course for all the newly appointed office barriers of IPhA together with selected subcommittees from each bureau. This event was one of the annual events for IPhA in order to provide excellent leadership training for all the participants. Plus, this event can also be used as a floor for the seniors to share some experiences to the juniors especially for first year student in preparing the paperwork and also managing the programme. Lastly, the most important objective of this event is to promote good ukhuwwah between the IPhA members themselves.
This programme was first started at Kuliyyah of Pharmacy meeting room with a brief speech from our beloved Mr. President, Bro Syamil Zahari as to give a slight boost of energy to the participant to play a part in this event cheerfully. Following the speech is the sharing moment and seminar on proper ways to conduct an event from Bro Danial B. Jamaluddin.
Before departing to Duta Village Resort in the evening, the ice breaking session is done among the participants by playing simple games. After Zuhr prayer, all the participants departed to Duta Village Resort and were given room according to the bureau. The room was quite cozy and nice that makes us, the participant hard to leave the room for the programme.
At night, all the participants were brought to Balok beach nearby for barbeque dinner. While waiting for the dinner to be prepared by the selected chefs, I-care bureau has prepared tazkirah session for the participant.
Lastly, the highlight session of this event was the explore race which requires participant to move in 5 groups which had been formed randomly to 5 checkpoints. Even though this game was done in rainy weather, participants were still able to finish the game completely. Before departing back to IIUM, short closing ceremony was done to give appreciation gift for each bureau. After that, all participants have a lunch and then depart to IIUM by bus.
So, I would like to thank all the main board for their energy and patience in order to ensure all participants satisfied with this programme. With that, I thank you 🙂

All nice pictures will be uploaded soon….keep reading this blog okay!!!


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