Posted: January 16, 2011 by I-Press in Event, This and That


well, yesterday was held one of the Ipha’s annual events, the 2011 PHARMILY DAY. It was held in the Pusat Rekreasi Air Balok on the crispy 15th January morning. Event was a smooth sailing, but few minor tweaks are needed for Rx10 to do. A token of gratitude to Rx9 who were working around the clock to make the 2011 pharmily day happened. The event was bloomed with lecturers’ and staffs’ attendances, Mdm Siti Halimah Bux, Dr Kausar, Dr Maryanto, Dr Muhammad Taher, Dr Zainol, Dr Che Suraya *with her cute kids* and others who are not mentioned here. The event was officially launched by an inspirational speech from Dr Kausar. Million thanks to students who were coming to enjoy and most importantly to get to know each other and strengthened the ukhwah of Rx’s family. Games were fun especially the sukaneka, there were few hilarious moments captured. On the afternoon, fear factor and tug of war took place. Fear factor was a rapid fun; frogs, Cendol, raw eggs etc. these all things described the game per se. Most of the participants wanted more cendol coz it turned out to be delicious rather than a gross. Then, the tug of war which was a rope pulling game between houses among the brothers. This was the last game which created acute injuries, many who participated had a leg cramp, lucky the first aid kit was always there when needed. As usual the last event would be the price giving ceremony which was completed by our respected Mr president Bro. Syamil. Students were allowed to disperse once the photography session took place. Hopefully the Rx10 will bring more surprises into the upcoming Pharmily day *please no more beach after this, we had enough..hahahah*

*Pictures courtesy of Shamel Sohot*


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