Bila SRC berucap…..

Posted: February 19, 2011 by I-Press in Event, This and That

Hey guys, just want to tell that the official result of SRC election 2010/2011 has been released last Tuesday and most of them won the positions uncontested. Congratulations Baiti Solehah & Ahmad Mustaqqim.

Ini Baiti ^^,


SRC is one of the biggest entities in IIUM as it represents a big voice of the student. As for that, students’ welfare becomes a main issue that is constantly detangled by the SRC members. Students’ matters usually revolving around the academic, health and other issues. If I’ll be given a chance to be one of SRC members, i would like to see IIUM especially Kuantan campus to be the most conducive and fast forwarded higher learning institution in line with students development intellectually and spiritually. To achieve this, i will focus on 3 main aspects that play significant roles in students’ campus life; welfare, academic and spiritual. The first problem that should be catered is the service of IIUM healthcare. We, as students have problem with the absence of doctors in the healthcare service and they should prolong health service till night for emergency case. In the academic matter, any vacancies of lecturers must be filled as soon as possible. For instance, in Kulliyyah of Pharmacy, current third year students cannot proceed with Drug Abuse subject as there is no substitute lecturer to teach the subject. This is a big loss to the students in order to fulfil their elective courses credits. Throughout last tenure SRC, i realised that many programmes were held. However, the programmes mainly theoretically rather than make it into practise. Thus, one of my missions is to organize programmes especially Islamic one that are 2 in 1; theoretical and practical. For instance, it is not enough to boost students’ spirit during the talk only but we also have to follow up them. A talk about solat is not complete without practising the solat itself. Besides that, Islamization wave in this campus should be publicized globally which will make IIUM differs from other institutions. More Islamic programmes and campaigns can be done to strengthen students’ Islamic value and in the same time to create awareness among students about latest issues in the Islamic countries. Last but not least, students’ problems are usually ‘be gone with the wind’ as the problems are not channeled properly especially to SRC members. Therefore, it’s a challenge for new tenure to ensure SRC can be reachable by all students and work as a team. This can be done by holding more open meetings to increase transparency and communication between societies. My motto is ‘there is no I in the ‘team’’. My fellow friends from KOP might see Mustaqim and I as individuals but I hope they can shift their paradigm to see us as their representatives. As for that, insha-Allah we’ll carry this amanah at the best we can do.” – Baiti


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