Qudwah Campaign Closing Ceremony

Posted: February 20, 2011 by I-Press in Event, This and That

Salam all. According to the closing ceremony that was held last Friday ( 18 February ), the first place winner of Lecturer Icon with the theme “His Akhlak is Al- Quran” was Dr Mohd. Of course your good akhlak has made you a winner. 🙂 Not to forget 2nd, 3rd & 4th place winners :- Dr Kausar ; Dr Siti Zaiton and Dr Wan Azizi. May Allah bless all of u InsyaAllah. 🙂

Besides that, the winner of Banner Competition went to Rx9 with simple & exquisite design. 2nd , 3rd & 4th place went to Rx7 ; Rx6 & Rx8. For photography competition, first place went to Khalida Mohamed Rosli from Rx8 and 2nd place went to Siti Zainab Zulkifli also from Rx8. Sulaihah Omar from Rx7 won the 3rd place. I guess that’s all for this campaign, such a great job from I-Care Bureau.

Below are some of the photos taken during the ceremony

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

  1. ards1508 says:

    tahniah i-care bureau utk program yg sgt mantap!

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