Bila seorang lagi YB berucap….

Posted: February 26, 2011 by I-Press in This and That

Become an exco member of SRC is not an easy task. However, I will try my best to uphold the good name and identity of IIUM and preserve the prestigious image of SRC as well as IIUM students at university, state, national, and international levels. I have mission to upgrade the sport level among IIUM students as sports is one of the platform for students to actively involved in co-curricular activities. However, from my observation the development of sport complex is progressing very slow and will be not complete on the target date which is March 2011. The development of sport complex is always postponed because of some problems arise and shortcomings of the budget. Currently, sport complex is one of the desperate needs for IIUM Kuantan Campus’s students especially during the Sport Carnival event. Sport Carnival is one of the biggest events in IIUM Kuantan Campus because it will involve all kulliyyah in IIUM Kuantan Campus and the participation from the students is very encourageable. So that, the complete sport facilities are dreamed for IIUM Kuantan Campus student in organizing such precious event. In bringing a real situation, the recently organized Sport Carnival was run in a little joyful when the football games have to be held at the field of Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Tengku Muhammad Panglima Perang and several sport facilities were absence. Apart from that, the facilities problem also happens at mahallah especially mahallah for male students. Male students are stays at new mahallah which are situated out of the campus area. The facilities at the mahallah is claimed to be very poor and not as complete as mahallah for female students. So they feel double standard and unfair. The basic facilities like are not well provided at the mahallah. The facilities problem makes their student life difficult and more complicated.  Thus, I hope that, all the basic problems regarding the students can be solved by the administration in the best way. Thank you. – Mustaqim Ariffin


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