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7th NoGAPS 2011 at University of Malaya

Posted: June 19, 2011 by I-Press in Event, This and That

The National Gathering of Pharmacy Students (NoGAPS) 2011 was held in University of Malaya on the 9th to the 13th June 2011. This annual gathering was initiated in 2001 by the Pharmacy Society of University of Malaya. After 10 years, it finally returns to its home ground. A total of 149 participants from 9 different pharmacy schools all over Malaysia took part in this highly anticipated event. Registration of participants began on the 9th June, at 3.00 p.m. in the First Residential College of Universiti Malaya.   At 5 p.m. the ice- breaking session took place in Department of Pharmacy’s seminar room in the medical school building up the hill. Unlike us in IIUM, UM does not have its own pharmacy faculty.  Later during the night the opening ceremony was held at Balai Ungku Aziz. NoGAPS 2011 was officiated by the Head of Pharmacy Department, Associate Professor Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim bin Nordin. In his speech he stressed on the importance of having no gaps between pharmacy students as birds of the same feather would have to stay together. In order for us to learn from each other, there shall be no voids between us. Amazing performances were put up on show for participants; Tarian Lilin, singings, K-Pop dance and black light performance. UM students are incredibly talented! They sang well, they danced like pro.

Listed below are some of the activities that had been done.

– The workshop was held in the seminar rooms and the participants were divided into a few small groups. The effective workshop was discussed on 3 topics which are wound management, blood glucose monitoring and inhalers.

-Explorace was held around the large and green campus of University of Malaya and the participants were asked to wear assigned colour T-shirt depends on the grouping. During the pre-explorace, all of the participants were having great moments together enjoying the ice cream Nestle Drumstick given by the NoGAPS platinum sponsor, Nestle. Participants were racing against teams within the historical campus of University of Malaya.

-Community outreach programme (COP) is an annual event carried out by UM Pharmacy Society. This year it is more special as it is also joined by pharmacy students all over Malaysia. Participants were divided into 4 groups, with each group having their own tasks. COP was held in Klinik Kesihatan Jinjang Utara, Kuala Lumpur. Various activities were held concurrently such as health screening was made available for free to the Jinjang’s community, patient counseling, exhibition on the danger of dengue, the harm of smoking, free eye tests, and health talks.

– The patient counselling education (PCE) is an event (more like a competition) where each participating university will have to send in a representative. IIUM was represented by Elina. Cases will be given to the reps, and they are allocated some time to figure out their counselling points. At the end of the session, 3 finalists are selected. This year IMU, AIMST and University of Nottingham have successfully made it to the final round. PCE is an event that exposes students to patient counselling, as well as serving as a learning ground for the participants.

-Dare to show is the best event ever. This is the exciting moments for everyone after trying for the best and practising so hard to perform their best talents in this top of the event. Every group was shown their best performance drama, dancing or singing. Even the judges admitted that every performance was great; everyone was so talented and difficult for them to select the winner. However, this Dare to Show observed that bro. Aizuddin’s group awarded the Best Sketch.

-Introduction by MPS Young Pharmacist Chapter is one-hour talk about the Young Pharmacist Chapter (YPC). This association is special for the young pharmacist, age below 35 to have their own organization under MPS and voice their matters.

-Funny Debate is a debate session when each university was presented by 5 debaters to argue on funny topics. Some of the funny topics are “when the vampire suck the blood from the HIV patient, will the vampire infected by the HIV too?”, “which one deserve the slimming product most, winnie the pooh or shrek”, “and “when constipation, which would you prefer most, squat or sit”. IIUM were represented by 3 participants, which are Fatt, Aainaa and bro. Aizuddin in collaboration with 2 UM participants. The winner was decided by the audience.

-The Symposium was very informative part. The topic of the symposium is “Challenges faced by Young Pharmacists today”. There were sharing moments given by the pharmacists from MPS YPC. They shared their experiences from every part of pharmacy such as hospital, manufacturer, enforcement and etc.

-Mypsa Annual General Meeting is conducted by the president of Mypsa to introduce and update each student regarding the progression, events and financial status of MyPSA. Gala Night was held at De Palma Hotel, Ampang and participants had great dinner while enjoying very nice performances. It also serves as the Closing Ceremony of MyPSA NoGAPS 2011.

Thats all for Nogaps 2011. See ya next year in UiTM  if you gonna participate for next Nogaps !

Photos will be uploaded later.*

Credit to Elina(Rx8) & Fatt (Rx8) for this entry 🙂