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Slaughtering Course and IPhA Open House 2011

Posted: September 27, 2011 by I-Press in Event, This and That

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           The program which is primarily held in Kulliyah of Pharmacy was successfully organized by the I-Care team on last Sunday. The program began with a short lecture on slaughtering by Ustaz Izzudin B Dato’ Hj Abdul Mutalib, Assistant Director of Jabatan Agama Islam Pahang. The objective of this lecture is to give a brief exposure to the participants on the slaughtering activity before they were allowed to practice the slaughtering itself in the noon.
In the noon, all the participants were gathered at the back of KOP building for the slaughtering practical. There were 60 ‘puyuh’, 30 chickens and a lamb have been prepared by the organizer for the participants to slaughter. Alhamdulillah, most of the animals prepared have been successfully slaughtered by the participants and ready to be cooked for tonight event, IPhA annual ‘Eid celebration.
The Cooking Fiesta event took place after the slaughtering activity. Each batch was responsible to cook a dish for the dinner tonight. Rx7 will serve Rendang Ayam, Rx8 will prepare Kari Kambing, while Rx9 will cook two dishes which are Puyuh Goreng Berempah and also a vegetable dish. While our little brother and sister from Rx10 will prepare dessert which is Puding Roti plus preparing rice and Nasi Impit together with the drinks for tonight. They also were able to prepare Sambal Belacan and Budu as bonus dishes for all. All the batch members had shown their cooperation while cooking in order to prepare the delicious dish for tonight event as the best batch will be granted a prize tonight.
Finally, the awaited event is held at night at KOP foyer. While enjoying the delicious dishes prepared by the students themselves, video show presentation from each batch were shown. At the end of the event, Rx8 were chosen as the best batch for preparing the best dish of the day. While for the video competition, Rx10 is the one who get the promised prize for their creative idea for the video. Congratulation!!
To conclude, a big applause for the organizer, I-Care team for organizing such a wonderful yet beneficial event. Plus, thank you for all IPhA members for showing your hard work in preparing all the dishes. It was the best dish and personally my favourite is the Puyuh Berempah!!! Well done guys!!

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