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MyPSA National Pharmacy Sport Carnival (NPSC)

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MyPSA National Sports Pharmacy Carnival (NPSC) 2012 was held on 7th April at International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Kuantan campus. It was an annual event held under MyPSA that gathers all pharmacy students nationwide who are registered with Malaysian Pharmacy Student’s Association (MYPSA).

With the theme of “Embracing Sportmanship, Strengthen Unity” for this year, we aimed to build dynamic groups of students that excel in both sports and academic. It is estimated about more than 500 pharmacy students participants represented IIUM, USM, CUCMS, UKM, UITM, UM and USCI in this event. There are various games tournament during the carnival such as volleyball, futsal, badminton, tennis, basketball and table tennis. The overall winner for this event was IIUM, followed by USM and UM.

All the hard works are paid as the event ran successfully and smoothly. All the objectives of the event have been achieved. The next MyPSA National Sports Pharmacy Carnival 2013 will be held in UKM. Together, we embrace the sportsmanship and strengthen the unity!


IIUM Kuantan Sports Carnival (ISCAR) 2012

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IIUM Kuantan Sport Carnival (ISCAR) 2012 was successfully held on 12th to 19th March 2012. There were 13 games included takraw, tennis, basketball, volleyball, chess, carom, football, table tennis, squash, futsal, netball, badminton and athletics.

          About 950 participants from all kuliyyahs in IIUM Kuantan participated in this memorable event. The objective of this event was to inculcate the skill in sports as well as to strengthen the ukhwah among the students of different kuliyyahs. The overall winner for this event was Kuliyyah of Sciences (KOS), followed by Kuliyyah of Pharmacy (KOP) and Kuliyyah of Medicine (KOM) with the cumulative points of 73, 53 and 49 respectively.

          All the objectives have been achieved successfully.It is hoped that this event will be conducted annually and continuously as  healthy body will gives us healthy mind.



1st Place



2nd Place



3rd Place



4th Place



5th Place



6th Place



Kuliyyah of Pharmacy Interbatch Games (KOPI)

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Kuliyyah of Pharmacy Interbatch games (KOPI) was held from 13 to 19 February 2012. There were 8 types of sport games including volleyball, basketball, badminton, futsal, table tennis, netball, football and athletics. 300 of pharmacy student were estimated to participate in this event. Most of the games was conducted at the new IIUM Sport Complex.

            The objectives for the interbatch games  for this year was totally fulfilled. In  most of the games,  we could see that students could strengthen their ukhwah and build the friendship between the seniors and juniors. It also had been proven that pharmacy’s students also have good skill in sports. could also observe and evaluate the skills of the students so that they could choose who will be participated as the representative for IIUM Kuliyyah of Pharmacy in the coming National Sports Carnival which will be held in April.

            The overall winnner for Interbatch games for this year is RX9. They have collected  6 gold, 3 silver and 2 bronze medals  from all games.


RX 10




RX 9



RX 8




RX 7




Under I-Care bureau of IPha, a scholars forum is organized for Islam is OSEM week on 27th of April 2012. By holding the objective to share the general knowledge between all four batches regarding future pharmacists. This forum is handled by Bro. Hilmi Hamdan as the moderator and the representative from each batch, Br. Syazwan B. Maarof (Rx7), Br. Ahmad Fatihi B. Makhtar (Rx8), Sis. Sarah Syahirah Bt Khusyairi (Rx9), and Br. Nasrin B. Abd. Rahman (Rx10) share their personal thoughts on who you should become after 10 years.

Video Making Course

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On 14th of April 2012, second assistant of Ipha’s Publication and Info Bureau, Muhammad Syafiq Bin Che Abdullah has volunteredly organised a video making course among first year pharmacy students which include both crew and non-crew of the bureau. The target of this course is to expose the idea of using Coral Video Studio software in video making which provide necessary tools in amplifying talents and creativities for such purpose. Approxiamtely a three hours course joined by sis sisters and four brothers have succesfully instilled an enthusiastic character inside each and every one of them.