SRC General Election 2012/2013

Posted: October 5, 2012 by I-Press in Meeting

After waiting for almost a week for re-election session, the result of SRC General Election was finally released on Tuesday, 2nd October 2012, 9 pm at Grand Hall, witnessed by the attending students and staffs.

This election session would be part and partial of historical event for pharmacy students themselves, as well as IIUM community. Since the representatives of the previous tenures won the seat uncontested, this year of pharmacy students have been given chances to cast the vote using both system, e-voting and manual voting.

Out of four candidates, two of them got the highest votes. They are Farah Atiqah Bt. Mohd Husni, 3rd year student and Muhammad Zulhilmi B. Mohd Razali, 2nd year student . They will represent Kuliyyah of Pharmacy together with the other 11 representatitives from the respective kuliyyah. Wish them the best for the service!

Student Representative Council 2012/2013. Wish them best of Luck!

Counting Session

Counting Session

Waiting for the results

Announcement of the result

Sis Farah Atiqah after the result released

New Line-Up

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