Community and Health Services for Aborigines (COHSAS 2012)

Posted: November 10, 2012 by I-Press in Event

          After 2 years without community service, IIUM Pharmacy Students Society came again with Community and Health Services for Aborigines (COHSAS 2012). It was conducted on 20th to 22nd of October 2012 at Batu 14, Gambang, Kuantan which involved pharmacy students of 2nd year to the final year. Throughout this program, students were enable to develop and apply all the skill and theory that they gained in the classes or practicals instead of taking the opportunity to conduct health screening slot for the aborigines. The main objectives for this program were to inculcate the spirits of responsibilities and caring Muslims among students towards society, to share and spread the basic knowledge in Islam with the community, and to inculcate the awareness of health maintenance among the aborigines community.

          The advisor of this 3-day program was Dr. Wan Azizi Bin Wan Sulaiman. During the program, the tentative was fully benefited with many social activities like giving donations and foods to the villagers, organizing telematch for the villagers and committees to build ukhwah, and the most important activities which are health screening slot and conveying the Dakwah through video presentation based on Islamic perspective. The purpose was to attract them to know more about the beauty of Islam since most of them are not Malay nor Islam. The committees also conducted religious ceremony like congregational prayer, Qiyamullail, Tazkirah for Muslim villagers, and the most exciting program was cooking together or also known as “merewang” in Malay term.

           Basically, the objectives of this program is said to be successfully been achieved. it is hoped that this charity event could be conducted again in the future since it is not only beneficial towards us, but also the society around us.









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