Ipha Race 2012

Posted: November 11, 2012 by I-Press in Event



On 3rd November 2012, IPhArace is held under the supervision of Muhammad Ashwad B. Muhd Zin as the Project Manager of this annual program. An event that is mainly orgainised by IphA’s Sports and Recreational Bureau has a total participation of 16 groups joined by multibatch pharmacy student of IIUM Kuantan. Prior to this program, it is about teamwork in accordance with mental and physical challenge which is pre-requisite factor to be this time champion. “Prove That You Are Blusterous Combatants” a motto that instilled enthusiasm and be a cause of determination among the group members along this program is running. This unforgetable event was officiated by Assc. Prof. Dr. Mohamad Haniki, on behalf of the Dean of KOP, Dr. Muhammad B. Awang who had other commitment. 

                The program started approximately on 8 a.m which include registration of the contestants, breakfast and the launching of the event. A brief explaination on the event; There were 9 checkpoints representing 9 buildings that the participants ought to go and they need to complete all the task given by the committees responsible at that particular checkpoint. A task is completed; a sticker signed by committee is given as proof. Thanks to all committees who are directly or indirectly involed in making this event a success.












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