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Kulliyah of Pharmacy, IIUM – Exactly on 10th of November 2012, or popularly known as a nice date sequence which is 10/11/12, Kulliyah of Pharmacy have conducted Mentor Mentee Day 2012. This one day event is conducted by RX10 organising committee, managed mainly by Mohammad Firdaus bin Wan Hassan. This Mentor Mentee day was held at indoor sports complex, Mahallah Maimunah, IIUM Kuantan.

            The event was participated by all the members of Kulliyyah of Pharmacy, no matter students, lecturers, staffs, head of department, dean, deputy dean, and everyone. What a friendly program right? This event is mainly held to tighten the ukhhuwah and bond between the KOP students and all the staffs and lecturers.

            Mentor Mentee day is also a platform for us to know each other better between all the mentors and mentees. This event was about cooking competition, where 9 groups has been formed. The groups are Yellow1, Yellow2, Yellow3, Violet1, Violet2, Violet3, Red1, Red2, and Red3. Red house will be competing the cooking recipe between Red 123, Yellow with  yellow123, and Violet with violet 123. There is also OVERALL WINNER and also awards for RX MASTERCHEF.

                The cooking competition was so happening, till everyone who came to this event have praised, admire, and compliment of the success of this event. Everyone was so happy during the event, and enjoy a lot in meeting new friends from different batch and meeting new lecturers. The program also taught the students and lecturers the skills of cooking, and we can conclude, THE PROGRAM WAS A BIG SUCCESS!.

                Mentor Mentee Day started from 7.30 am, and ended around 2.30. Everybody had their lovely lunch, cooked specially by themselves! Wow! Not to forget, there was also booth of Big Apple and RotiBoy, as the Sponsorship Bureau program to raise funds in sponsoring this event. Thank you to all of you who have participated this program, and hopefully that the memory that we had on this 10/11/12, remains in our mind forever. Never forget, 10/11/12. Is our glamorous Mentor Mentee Day!!:D






Photo courtesy of Akram Ab Aziz RX9 😀

  1. nurin says:

    boleh tak saya nk kan satu idea untuk mentor mentee saya.

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