Kayak IKOD 081212

Posted: January 31, 2013 by I-Press in Event

The game is on! Saturday was no longer a lulling day for us! Kayaking Tournament of IKOD 2012 at Tasik Bandar lived up students’ life today (8/12/12). No wonder the Program Manager, Muhammad Nadzmi bin Che Ramli looked joyful (he’s my pal and had been a busy guy, trust me). He must be deeply grateful since all the plans and preparations for this eventful program were well paid off.

Kayaking is not a typical sport for everyone. Plus it would be fun to try out new game! That was the reason this kayaking competition was held. It was one of the main attractions of IKOD 2012. The organizer wanted to attract potential excellent kayakers as many as they can so that soon, these eager people will initiate the setting up of a kayaking club in IIUM. (Tasik Bandar is so close to us, let us grab this chance!)

The committee of this morning-to-evening event had targeted IIUM Kuantan and other university students as the participants. Well, their participants were just as energetic as they are. It would be merrier if IKIP students did not withdraw their participation during the very last minute.  Students of IIUM Kuantan and UMP built up 12 competent kayaking teams, which consisted of 7 brothers groups and 5 sisters groups. All of these teams really utilized their 6 team members to win this competition.

It was a great idea in holding this event outside IIUM Kuantan during this Open Day. As said earlier, it was an attraction to IKOD 2012. In order to attract people outside, we went outside. Families who chose to have a resting time at Tasik Bandar could also spend their time to get inside IIUM Kuantan and enjoy what IKOD 2012 served specially for them.

By organizing this first kayaking competition, the organizer really hoped that this event would be an initiator to a series of game of its own kind. They wished for the emergence of a group of superb kayaking athletes who will soon represent IIUM Kuantan. When the event ended, we daresay that the fun of IKOD 2012 would not stop here. There will be more exciting events waiting for IIUM Kuantan students!


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