IKOD Futsal 2012

Posted: January 31, 2013 by I-Press in Event

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IKOD Futsal 2012 is one of the sub-events organized by IIUM Kuantan Open Day organizing committees. An event that instilled a crucial sense of team work among participants, create bonding between multicourse IIUM students and learn in basic management skill of events be the objectives to be achieved by those whom involved indirectly and not to mention directly that made it all a success.

A team that consists of maximum of eight members need to fight in a win or lose match with all of other 11 teams to win this tournament. Give away prizes worth RM800.00 for champion, RM500.00 for 1st runner up and RM300.00 for 2nd runner up with medals each are to be given to those whom have what it takes to be the winners of this event.

“We are targeting IIUM students, Indera Mahkota community and participants from other local universities.” Said the representative of the event’s public relations. Say other committee “However, we manage to get 12 teams out of 16 teams as the initial plan” The event is held at POLO Futsal Centre located near to IIUM Kuantan campus instead of it’s campus itself due to last minute change and misunderstanding between Central Organizing Committees and the peripheral committees. Alhamdullillah the event run smoothly despite those unwanted situations.

We received great participation since 7 teams out of 12 teams were from outsiders and others were from local universities. Champions are from team IMT from public, 1st runner up won by team SELAMBA FC from IIUM sciences course and 2nd runner up won by BULLWORTH FC from public as well. Their efforts had paid off made it all worth it holding those medals and money prizes and those unlucky contestants should not be down by the results since they were having healthy matches. Any dissatisfaction can be brought up in the next IKOD Futsal Tournament considering we received good feedbacks from all sides.

A hope to hold, this or any sport related event should and needed to be done inside IIUM Kuantan Campus specifically the sport complex and without this venue they cannot really promote the visitors to come. As IKOD’s objectives represent as IIUM promotion, it is better for us if we utilised every facilities for those visitors so that people acknowledge our campus.

Prepared by Luqman Rosli, Ipress team


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