Solat Hajat

Posted: February 24, 2013 by I-Press in Event






602164_4526035995550_1373411423_nOn the night of February 14, 2013 I-Care Bureau of IphA managed to organise a religious program in conjuction with beginning of new semester. Unexpected crowd by our pharmacy students were filled inside the Kuliyyah of Pharmacy (KOP) Musolla signifies the support from them to the program. The program was started with the Maulid Qasidah performed by a group of multicourse IIUM students namely the An-Nur. It was an act of praising our prophet Muhammad P.B.U.H that accompanate by musical instrument along with the range of tempos made it very interesting way of remembering him. People went to the event showed their excitement and were pleasant with the burnt fragrance filled in the musolla’s atmosphere.

“I have been with Kulliyah of Pharmacy for more than 10 years, this the first time such event were held here. It’s a good program that shows the love to our prophet” said Dr. Mohamad, the KOP’s dean. The maulid took appoximately one hour continued with solat hajat and short tazkirah by KOP’s dean on the role of pharmacy students before everyone went separately to their respective IphA bureaus meeting. The events have created bonding interbatches within the kuliyyah and most importantly the bonding with the dean itself. It is hope that every students and staffs could join such event in the future, thus break the barrier between staffs, lecturers, and students.

credit to: Luqman Rosli

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