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Diabetic and Healthy Living Campaign

Posted: March 30, 2013 by I-Press in Event

On 10March 2013, IIUM Pharmacy Students’ Society (IPhA) organized Diabetic and Healthy Living Campaign at Badminton Hall IM2. This health campaign was held in collaboration with Malaysian Pharmacy Students’ Association (MyPSA) and KRT Indera Mahkota Jaya.


At 7.30AM, the campaign kick-started with an aerobics session which involved students of IIUM and the community of Indera Mahkota Jaya. Despite being held early in the morning, people of young and old participated in the aerobics session which included varying levels of exercises.

The next agenda of the day was the Opening Ceremony at 9.00AM. Asst. Prof. Dr Siti Hadijah Shamsudin, the Advisor of Diabetic and Healthy Living Campaign; delivered her welcoming speech to the public. Then, the ceremony proceeded with a speech by a representative of KRT IM Jaya. We were more than grateful to have Dr Norhizan Ismail, Pengarah Kesihatan Negeri Pahang to grace our ceremony with a very insightful speech. In his speech, Dr Norhizan addressed the importance of maintaining good health to the public and highlighted that health campaigns such as this should be conducted annually for the benefits of all. At the end of his speech, Dr Norhizan proudly officiate our campaign.

Later after that, the health screening session commenced.  Participants were given free health checkup inclusive of BMI, glucose level, cholesterol level and blood pressure monitoring. Each participant was then given extensive counseling by 4th year students of Kulliyyah of Pharmacy. Potential patients with more than one underlying diseases or on multiple medications were selected as Home Medication Review (HMR) patients and will be monitored continuously in the future as deemed necessary by the students. Overall, the health screening ran smoothly despite the heavy flow of participants especially at noon.

At the same time, a health talk entitled ‘Mencegah Diabetis’ was delivered by Ms. Nazia Iqbal, a full time pharmacist in one of the hospitals in Pahang. Ms. Nazia emphasized not only on the different types of Diabetes, she also explained on ways to cope and overcome the disease to the public.

Outside of the hall, booths were set up with exhibitions by different organizations. The booth set up by IPhA Office Bearers demonstrated to the public on the methods of making creams and ointments. The kids especially, were psyched to have a hands-on experience of making their very own concoctions. Besides that, IPhA also promoted IIUM pilot plant’s items such as the hand sanitiser and analgesic cream. The public were enthusiastic to know that IIUM manufactures such products and gave positive feedbacks on the matter.

Other booths such as that from Pejabat Kesihatan Daerah (PKD) conducted free stress level assessment on the public and gave advice to those who require their guidance. IIUM’s Green Lung Society promoted smoking cessation to the community by means of counseling as well as setting up games such as ‘Twister’ and many others. Several long term smokers who were interested to quit smoking were given proper advice by the students.

All in all, the program was a success whereby the main objectives of creating awareness on healthy living and demonstrating the significance of pharmacists in the health profession were well achieved. Moreover, students were also provided with a platform to put their counseling skills into practice especially during the health screening session.


Pharmily Day 2013

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Hye readers!!

You had an awesome weekend? Of course you had if you attended the Pharmily Day. Pharmily Day is an annual event conducted by the first year students of Kuliyyah of Pharmacy (KOP) with the aim to strengthen the ukhuwah between lecturers, postgraduates and undergraduate students in KOP. This year, the event was conducted on 9th March 2013 at the sports complex. Maybe it sounds lame since this is the first time the event is conducted inside IIUM.  However, it was way better than expected. It was marvelous! With the theme “Kampong Style: Reminiscing the Old Days”, the event successfully brought smiles and laughter to every faces.



The opening ceremony was conducted at 8.30am. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haniki as the VIP, officially launched the Pharmily Day and it was marked with the release of four pigeons. Later on, the atmosphere was heated up with the 15 minutes aerobics session led by the first batch of Physiotherapy students. As the opening to the games, all participants were given a balloon which was blown until it pops. The games organized were ensured to comply with the theme. The games were totem pole (galah panjang), futsal, angry bird and tug of war. The games were made interesting by changing the format of the games. As example, the totem pole defender must wear kain pelikat and the invaders were supplied with water balloons as weapon. For futsal, instead of having 5 players per team, the games were played with 5 partners per team, having 2 players in a kain pelikat. The event was merrier with children’s game and the mini games booth which was opened to everyone.










                After all the games, sweats and laughter, the closing ceremony was conducted at 12.30pm. The third place was shared by Kg. Manggis and Kg. Durian while Kg. Pulasan managed to grasp the second place. And the winner of Pharmily Day 2013 belongs to Kg. Pi. Pi. Pi. Pisang!!!!! (Please read it the way they cheer for their house). The event was ended with a photography sessions for every house at the ‘rumah kampong’ props. Lastly, thousands of thank you should be given to the committees who diligently work to ensure this event became a fantastic one. And thousands thank you to all the participants especially the lecturers for being supportive throughout the event. We sincerely hope that Pharmily Day next year will be able to be merrier with more games and participants.


Kampung Pisang



Kampung Pulasan



Kampung Durian



Kampung Manggis

credit to: Khairunnisa’ Husain

IPHA Induction Course 2013 Phase 2

Posted: March 10, 2013 by I-Press in Event

The calendar showed 2 March 2013. It was a very fun-packed and motivational 2 days -1 night adventure for all of those who attended the IPhA Induction Course Phase II at Dusun Eco Resort, Bentong, Pahang. The journey from IIUM Kuantan started at around 10 in the morning and it took about 2 hours to reach the camp site. Once arrived, the participants had to set up their own tents together with their tent mates and all of them were able to complete the task with ease, Alhamdulillah.

There are 3 main activities that had been planned for the programme to build up team-spirit as well as togetherness between the participants. On the first day, the participants had a rafting session whereby they had to plan and build their rafts. Once built, they had to use the rafts to cross the short river. On the same day, they had ‘Night Walk’ in which they had to claw through the jungle at night supplied with only candles and some other light sources. The expedition took about an hour to complete and it was full of challenges. Many participants fall down and slide through the mud. The journey was very tiring indeed.







One of the things that cannot be forgotten in this induction was when they had to pass through all the obstacles on the last day. There are 12 obstacles all together. Some managed to complete the mission easily whereas some had to use their full potential energy in order to complete the tasks given.







Before they started the activity, there was one quote given by the guider, Mr Ali that can last for a life-time. He said “We are the ones who create the reasons.” If we think that we can complete the job, everything will go just fine. However, if we think that we are incapable of completing the job, for sure we will fail in finishing the task given successfully. It taught us that whenever we have the gut, nothing can stop us from doing the things that we do as our life will be full of turmoil and uncertainty. Allah has mentioned this in Qur’an:

Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, “We believe”, and that they will not be tested? [Surah al-‘Ankabut, 29:2]

Hopefully, the participants will be able to utilize all the experiences and knowledge gained to propel IPhA and themselves to new horizon.


Education & Professionalism Bureau


Welfare Bureau


I-CORP Bureau


Sport & Recreational Bureau


Public Relation Bureau


I-CARE Bureau


Publication & Information Bureau




credit to: Haziq Othman

IPHA Induction Course 2013 Phase 1

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On 28th February and 1st March 2013, IPHA has conducted induction course in order to give general idea to all Pharmacy students on how to conduct program. It was held at Lecture Hall 3, Kuliyyah of Pharmacy. During this session, the workshop has been divided into 4 workshops particularly discussed about the topics of how to run event, how to seek sponsorship, how to take care of financial account and how to handle documentation. The program was started by opening remarks from Presides of IPHA, Bro. Nasrul Hakim Ramlan.



The talks for each workshop was given by Main Boards of IPHA, who were Nur Atikah Hasman Yusri (Vice President 1), Nurul Nazierah Rosman (Secretary General) and Nor Tasnim Mustapa (Treasurer). The information and experiences they shared really beneficial to all of the participants.








4th RX Quiz 2012/13

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3rd March 2013-IIUM Team won second place in 4th RX Quiz which was held at AIMST University, Kedah. Congratulations to all of them,  Nurliyana Abdul Rahman (RX8),  Ridzuan Zaidi (RX8),  Nur Maisarah Abu Bakar (RX8), Siti Nuraidah(RX8) and Nur Aina (RX9) for their victory. Siti Nuraidah has also been rewarded the best participant award. Again, congratulations! Our team is accompanied by Dr. Amira and Sr. Khadijah. The prestigious grand finale witnessed the competitive teams from USM, IIUM, UITM and AIMST University. The champion goes to USM and they managed to bring along Piala Tariq. However, our IIUM Team still the champion of IPHA. The most superb fact that everyone must know is; about 80% of the participants are Chinese! ere, it shows that our beloved IIUM Team proved that Muslim can also excel. It is just the matter of hard works and efforts that we should imply in order to succeed. It is hoped that our victory today will lead us to create other success in the future 🙂

Kuliyyah of Pharmacy Interbatch 2013

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Ping Pong


Tuju Kasut


Tug of War








13-24 February 2013. These were the days where IIUM Kuantan Pharmacy students competed with each other in order to be the champion of Interbatch 2013. This year, the organizing committee added three extra games, which were the Takraw, Squash and Traditional Games to the usual 8-game list. This addition together with the other games, well, obviously, gave a cocaine-like effect – Euphoria! (>o<)

The hits, kicks, smash, struggle and sweat during the event proved that KoP Interbatch 2013 was ‘The Moment Where Winning or Losing is Second to Striving’.  Both the players and their supporting friends were very high-spirited even though they had lectures and laboratory sessions just before the games started. Besides, the cloudy and rainy days did not alter their energy n zest. Instead, they added mere sweetness to the experience.

After all those struggles, this is the overall standing for KoP Interbatch 2013:


























Congratulations to RX9  for their victory as the champion of KoP Interbatch 2013. Plenty of gold you have there. Hopefully, all of us will try our best to work harder for upcoming Interbatch 2014.  Okay then, see you all again next Interbatch! (May the odds be ever in your favour..)