Pharmily Day 2013

Posted: March 18, 2013 by I-Press in Event

Hye readers!!

You had an awesome weekend? Of course you had if you attended the Pharmily Day. Pharmily Day is an annual event conducted by the first year students of Kuliyyah of Pharmacy (KOP) with the aim to strengthen the ukhuwah between lecturers, postgraduates and undergraduate students in KOP. This year, the event was conducted on 9th March 2013 at the sports complex. Maybe it sounds lame since this is the first time the event is conducted inside IIUM.  However, it was way better than expected. It was marvelous! With the theme “Kampong Style: Reminiscing the Old Days”, the event successfully brought smiles and laughter to every faces.



The opening ceremony was conducted at 8.30am. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Haniki as the VIP, officially launched the Pharmily Day and it was marked with the release of four pigeons. Later on, the atmosphere was heated up with the 15 minutes aerobics session led by the first batch of Physiotherapy students. As the opening to the games, all participants were given a balloon which was blown until it pops. The games organized were ensured to comply with the theme. The games were totem pole (galah panjang), futsal, angry bird and tug of war. The games were made interesting by changing the format of the games. As example, the totem pole defender must wear kain pelikat and the invaders were supplied with water balloons as weapon. For futsal, instead of having 5 players per team, the games were played with 5 partners per team, having 2 players in a kain pelikat. The event was merrier with children’s game and the mini games booth which was opened to everyone.










                After all the games, sweats and laughter, the closing ceremony was conducted at 12.30pm. The third place was shared by Kg. Manggis and Kg. Durian while Kg. Pulasan managed to grasp the second place. And the winner of Pharmily Day 2013 belongs to Kg. Pi. Pi. Pi. Pisang!!!!! (Please read it the way they cheer for their house). The event was ended with a photography sessions for every house at the ‘rumah kampong’ props. Lastly, thousands of thank you should be given to the committees who diligently work to ensure this event became a fantastic one. And thousands thank you to all the participants especially the lecturers for being supportive throughout the event. We sincerely hope that Pharmily Day next year will be able to be merrier with more games and participants.


Kampung Pisang



Kampung Pulasan



Kampung Durian



Kampung Manggis

credit to: Khairunnisa’ Husain


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