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Assalamualaikum future pharmacists! insya ALLAH 🙂

Kuliyyah of Pharmacy IIUM Kuantan mempunyai raaaamai lecturer2 yang sangat kreatif dalam menyampaikan ilmu-ilmu mereka kepada kita. Anda setuju? Jika setuju, sila LIKE (erk..boleh LIKE ke?). Dan antaranya ialah Dr Razak. Kenapa admin highlightkan nama Dr Razak? Sebab ada perkara yang nak dikongsi dengan semua bakal pharmacists ni 🙂

Admin yang tengah bercerita ni adalah kanak-kanak 2nd year. Pada suatu hari, Dr Razak berjala-jalan dan masuk ke dalam lecture hall 2nd year. Pada hari tu Dr Razak cerita tentang necrosis. 1st year tau apa necrosis tu? Ha, kena cari la. Hehe…

Dr Razak cerita tentang surah al-Kahfi semasa mengajar Pathology.nak tau tak?

Dr bercerita tentang orang koma. Tau kan kalau orang koma atau sakit yang terbaring lama2 seperti lumpuh, kita yang sihat ni perlu balik-balikkan badan mereka secara berkala? Nurse2 kat hospital selalu buat macamni.

Kenapa? Bukan saja2 nak hilangkan lenguh mereka tapi kita perlu buat begitu untuk mengelakkan daging di belakang badan menjadi buruk atau dalam istilah sains dikenali sebagai necrosis.

Apabila kita berbaring –> saluran darah dan nerve akan ditekan –> kurang pengaliran darah dibahagian belakang badan –> daging memburuk –> BERLUBANG!!

Badan berlubang boleh berlaku sekiranya baring terlalu lama. Jadi bila kita balik2kan badan, pengaliran darah boleh berlaku seperti sedia kala 🙂

Apa kaitannya dengan surah al-kahfi?

“Dan engkau mengira mereka itu tidak tidur, padahal mereka tidur; dan KAMI BOLAK-BALIKKAN MEREKA KE KANAN DAN KE KIRI, sedang anjing mereka membentangkan kedua lengannya di depan pitu gua….” (al-kahfi ayat 18)

Dr kata ada kaitan necrosis dalam surah al-kahfi.subahanallah…WOW!! Hebat tak Allah?

Allah membalik-balikkan badan para pemuda Al-Kahfi yang Allah takdirkan untuk tidur selama 309 tahun.masa yang sangat lama.kalaulah Allah tidak membolak-balikkan badan mereka, mengikut ilmu sains, bila mereka sedar je badan mereka boleh berlubang!

Subhanallah 🙂

Best tak kalau hari-hari belajar macamnni? Pembelajaran yang menambah keimanan bukan ke’tension’an 🙂

Sekian. Moga ada manfaat bersama. Ada kesalahan mohon diperbetulkan.


Educational Visit to UITM Puncak Alam

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On 15th of March 2013, Educational and Professionalism Bureau of IPHA has conducted an Educational trip to UiTM Puncak Alam. It was interesting and enjoyable. There were 38 participants in this trip. But only 13 of us went there by bus from UIA Kuantan. The rest went there by car. The participants gathered at 5.00a.m at the CF Sis and departed to Uitm Puncak Alam at about 5.30 a.m. We stopped at Gambang to fullfill our obligatory prayer (solat Subuh) and then continued our journey. Those participants who went there by car waited at McDonald just a few metres from UiTM Puncak Alam because of their strict security control. We arrived at Uitm Puncak Alam at about 10.00 a.m and were greeted by representative of pharmacist student from UiTM, Dzulhilmi. He escorted us to the lecture hall for a short briefing from Assistant Deputy Dean of Student Affairs, Mdm. Azlina.



 After the short briefing, all of us were brought to visit laboratory where most researchers do their research there. We visited Patient Stimulation Lab, here we met Mr. John. Mr. John is not a human being but he can response like a human being. He can breathe and cry. He also has pulse! And even response on what drug we gave to him. SimMan is used to help pharmacy students to learn the true state of the patient and the patient’s response towards a given drug.



After that, we went to Genomic Laboratory, this laboratory was used to identify genotype, genome sequence and more by using GA2X machine cost about 2million. This laboratory was not for teaching purposes but for research purposes.


During lunch hour, we were taken to Room with Global View or also called RGV for lunch. This is the room where all pharmacy students spent their time to rest, eat, read newspaper and even playing games. One of the games provided in this room was carom.


After Zuhur prayer, we visited another laboratory such as Phytochemistry Laboratory, Organic Synthesis Laboratory, Microbial Metabolites Research Laboratory, NMR, and lastly to Lafarm. Lafarm is a room where all the animals were being stored for research purposes as well as to be sold once they are matured. Here, we could see many mice and also a rabbit.




While waiting for asar prayer, all of us were brought to play gamelan. We played gamelan together with the help of the representative of pharmacist student of UiTM, Dzulhilmi since he is the president of Gamelan Club in UiTM. According to him the Gamelan Room was built special for pharmacy students only.



Next, is the most awaited place! After tiring visit to the laboratory and gaining inputs about pharmacy, we went to iCity Shah Alam to relax ourselves and enjoy the lights there. ICity was quite fun, beautiful and interesting. There was also snow house for those who want to see and play around with snow. But, most of us prefer to walk around to see the beautiful of night as well as the beautiful of the lights.

At 9.00 p.m, we already gathered to go back to Kuantan. Overall, the visit was really beneficial yet interesting. It is hoped that, there will be more beneficial visits like this in the future. This is because, the pharmacy students not only can grab new knowledge and exchange ideas with pharmacy students from other university, but we can also relax our body and mind after such hectic life of having classes, quizzes, presentations and assignments.

Multimedia Workshop 2013

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Brought to you by Publication and Information Bureau of IPHA, the most anticipating event of Multimedia Workshop 2013 was held on Saturday, 16th of March 2013 at Computer Lab KAHS. The Program Manager for this workshop is Mohamad Haziq Bin Abu Othman. It was a great responses we received from the participants when they made themselves present on that day regardless of the rainy day they faced on that day.



          The objectives of this workshop is to introduce the participants the use of Corel Paintshop Pro X5 and to give basics and general overview about multimedia for new learners or beginners. Hopefully, the participants can gain a lot of informations and beneficial techniques in designing and editing.

          The registration was started at 7.30am onwards. All the participants were punctual on time and they were all ready to learn new things as early as they possible. This workshop were divided into 2 slots namely poster designing and photo editing. These sessions were delivered by experienced and talented speaker, Sis Sri Ramadana Salman, 3rd year student from Kuliyyah of Sciences. They were all stunned and amazed to see examples of posters that were creatively designed by the instructor itself. Those posters were not just ‘copy-paste’ from Google, but the instructor did it from scratch!






  Most of the participants gave positive feedback. They were all satisfied and really hoped that this kind of workshop can be held again in the future to proceed to the next level of designing and editing. Million thanks to respected instructor and delightful participants or making this workshop a success.

p/s: InsyaAllah, there will be Video Making Workshop in the future. stay tuned and grab the chance! 🙂