MyPSA National Gathering Of Pharmacy Students (NoGAPS) USM 2013

Posted: September 14, 2013 by I-Press in Event

On 25 to 29 of August, Universiti Sains Malaysia in collaboration with Malaysian Pharmacy Students Association organized the National Gathering Of Pharmacy Students (NoGAPS) 2013. This is an annual gathering, where all pharmacy students who registered to participate in this event, gathered together and make this event a successful. Students who participated are from all pharmacy schools available in all universities in Malaysia, including IIUM, UiTM, USM, UKM, Taylors University, AIMST University, AMU, Monash University, and many others. For this year, (2013 or for MyPSA tenure 2012/2013), USM is the host/ organizer. For the year 2012, UiTM is the host, and NoGAPS was held at UiTM Puncak Alam during that time.

          There are a lot of activities organized throughout NoGAPS, including indoor and outdoor. They are Patient Councelling Events (PCE), Community Outreach Program (COP), Symposium, Annual General Meeting (AGM) of MyPSA, Impromptu, Battle of Universities, Pharmtastic Race (Explorace), USM campus tour, workshop, visit to Pusat Racun Negara, laboratories, others places, and many other activities.







            NoGAPS is really beneficial for us, Pharmacy Students because one of its aim is to create the inter-university relations and networks. This program helps to reduce the gaps between university students and everyone knows each other no matter where and which university they are. Networking and public relations are very important as we as pharmacy students of Malaysia, have to be united and be one. The program hold throught NoGAPS itself benefits the students intellectually because the symposium and workshop taught students a lot about the current issues in pharmacy sector. The speeches and lectures were given by special VIPs / lecturers/ professors.

            During the Annual Grand Meeting of MyPSA, few members of IPHA have been elected as the new MyPSA Executive Exco for the tenure 2013/2014. So, we would like congratulate  Haziq Abu Othman Rx10 (Presiden 2013/2014), Najihah Borhan Rx11 (Vice Presiden (Public Relation) 2013/2014), and Siti Fariza Bt Ariffin Rx10 (General Secretary 2013/2014).  To add, congratulations to  Mahmud Ulwan Salehan Rx8 who won the Overall Best Pharmacy Student Award by MYPSA, Siti Sarah Syahirah Kushairi Rx9 who won First Place in Patient Counseling Competition and IIUM Team who won Third Place in Battle of The Universities.


NoGAPS were held from 24 – 28 of August. While on 29 August, is the Post NoGAPS. NoGAPS alone is indoor activity (in USM campus), while Post NoGAPS is the outdoor activity in which for this time, USM took this opportunity to bring the participants who joined the Post NoGAPS for island tour (Penang). Places visited was Bukit Bendera and War Museum. Alhamdulillah, it was a memorable tour.



           Generally, MyPSA NoGAPS USM 2013 was a big success. Everything went smoothly, and participants gained a lot of experiences and benefits from this event. Don’t miss the opportunity to join the 2014 NoGAPS which will be hosted and organized by Management and Science University (MSU) InshaAllah! 😀

credit to: Nash Rahman RX10


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