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Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
Alhamdulillah, COHSAS 2013 (Community and Health Services for Aborigines Programme) ran successfully on 12th and 13th October 2013 at Kampung Batu 14, Gambang. Bunches of thank you to everyone who help in making this programme a reality especially for the KOP citizen. There are a few things that we, as the participants of the programme, would like to share.




First of all, the muslims are still a minority in the village. Out of 40 families, only 13 of them are muslims. Most of them are non-practicing muslims. In other words, they are only muslims by name and the knowledge on Islam are still very basic. They cannot even perform essential routine such as ablution and solah. Knowing that our brothers and sisters in such condition surely is a heartache.
This is where our knowledge and responsibility as the IIUM students should be applied. We, as the young dai’e, who have the energy and fresh ideas should take the lead in helping them to understand Islam better. Maybe to some people, teaching the basic fard ain like solah and ablution is not something that comes in mind when we talk about dakwah, but these ‘simple’ things are the first step in bringing them to the right path.



Secondly, the knowledge on the drugs are still low. The villagers said that most of the community outreach programmes were organized by the medical students and practising doctors. They focused on the medical field, such as the diagnosis on diabetes and high blood pressure. However, the knowledge on the drugs was not stressed on. As example, they may get the drugs from the doctors, but they do not know the proper way to keep and consume the drugs, end up with ineffective treatments. Thus, when we came, the villagers appreciated the knowledge on the drugs that we shared. This is our area of expertise. This is where we should contribute so that the patient compliance can be maintained.
In a nutshell, from the welfare bureau to all, our life as the university students is not about academics and the campus. The community needs us. Go out, see the world and serve them, as it is our role to spread the knowledge on Islam and pharmacy to all. In shaa Allah, if we try, all of us can contribute and give benefits the world.



Welfare Bureau of IPhA


_MG_2032On Sept 19th, the first intellectual discourse of this academic year was conducted by the ICare Bureau of IPhA at the Auditorium Kuliyyah of Pharmacy. The event, entitled Fiqh in Medicine and Pharmacy, was beautifully enlightened by the speakers, which are Prof. Dr. Zahri, Dr. Farhan Hadi and Ustazah Fatimah Syarha.





As the Muslim, we are the khalifah who govern the world according to Allah’s will. Our efforts in this world are dedicated to attain His blessing while the ways used must be abide to the syariah law. As the Muslim pharmacists, we must practice in our field without compromising our value as Muslims. However, as the pharmaceutical field is dominated by the westerners, many contradictions are present in pharmacy practices with the syariah law. Non-halal vaccine, capsule having pig’s gelatin, the steric acid in the tablets originated from pig and much more issues are putting Muslim pharmacists in perplexes state.

This intellectual discourse had successfully attended each issue discussed. Few methods were presented which allow us to practice with ease. In the case of having other halal option such as the issue of non-halal gelatin capsule, the usage of non-halal products is not allowed. If none present like in the case of vaccine for babies, the non-halal products can be used with the intention of protecting the children. However, it does not mean that we can happily accept everything as it is. We have to play a role in making the halal pharmaceutical products available in all areas.

Thus, the jihad in producing the halal pharmaceutical products is actively carried out by Muslim pharmacists. We can proudly say that Malaysia is one of the leading countries in the halal pharmaceutical sector. The collaboration of Malaysia Science University (USM) with the Finlay Institute of Cuba make the halal meningitis vaccine is available nowadays. The effort of making steric acid from palm oil, new fatwa regarding the pharmaceutical products, awarding halal certificates to companies and producing halal pharmacopeia are among the ongoing projects in Malaysia.

Our Kuliyyah do have a strong reason in choosing the industrial pharmacy as our niche area. As the halal pharmaceutical area is still a toddler, this is our responsibility to strengthen it in order to supply the ummah with the halal products. As the students who are taught with both Islamic and industrial pharmaceutical knowledge, shouldn’t we be motivated to be a part of the jihad?