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Kuliyyah of Pharmacy Interbatch 2013/2014 Games

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“R to the X to the Ten! Ten! Ten!”

“RX11, Go! Fight! Win!”

“RX12, G double O D JOB, good job! Good job! Good job!”

Hearing variations of chants from each batch’s supporters and seeing the banner was hanged at the main entrance of the sport complex remarked that it was time for Kuliyyah of Pharmacy Interbatch Games (KPIG). For this session, it was our first experience having KPIG during 1st semester. Usually, KPIG is conducted during 2nd semester annually. This event was organized by Sport and Recretional Bureau of IPHA on 21st until 31st October 2013.




There were various games matches available during this KPIG event including football, netball, squash, takraw, ping pong, volleyball, basketball, futsal, badminton and athletics. The organizer also introduced tennis as a new game during this KPIG. The atmosphere was very exciting with the supporters from each batch shouting out loud and waving their colourful and creative banners to boost the athletes’ spirit. At the same time, the athletes tried their best in representing their own batch in order to fight against their opponents.




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The games were started with football and netball matches on the first day and ended with futsal match during the last day of the event. Then, it came into the highlight of the event which is closing ceremony. The most awaited moment finally came. After going through the thick and thin, the official overall result was announced as follows:

       1st place


9 gold, 9 silver, 4 bronze

2nd place


8 gold, 8 silver, 7 bronze

3rd place


8 gold, 6 silver, 8 bronze

4th place


2 silver, 6 bronze

Congratulations to RX11 team for becoming the winner for this KPIG. To other batch teams, let us work harder and give the best for the upcoming KPIG next year.

Participating in any sport events like this is certainly full of fun. No matter which position you are during the event or whatever it takes for the final result, as long as you devoted yourselves to participate in this event, KPIG will always be a sweet and remarkable memory in our university lives.


Annual PRK was ended last Wednesday on 30th October 2013 with the election of our new Kuliyyah of Pharmacy (KoP) Student Representative Council (SRC) tenure 2013/2014. Congratulations to Farid B. Muthalib from Rx10 and Nor Tasnim Mustapa from Rx11 which have been elected to represent our kuliyyah and congratulation as well to the other nominated SRC candidates Nasrin Rahman and Hasbul Hadi B. Majid both from Rx10 for their excellent manifestos, superb enthusiasm, and undivided time spent to prove themselves that they are worth to make our kuliyyah better in different ways. With the ending of the election, let’s hope and believe that manifestos form the representatives were to keep in pace through their year as SRC.

Previously, SRC nominators from various kuliyyah was tested for English Proficiency Test. They were to present any topic through public speaking session in One Student Stop Centre on 23rd October 2013. Their capabilities of speaking and answering couple of questions were seen and valued by panel and audience from different kuliyyah. Indeed, most of them excel exquisitely in the session but not for some of them. Later, their capabilities and credibility were again showed during speaking corner where each candidates must present their manifestos in front students in their respective kuliyyah.  The candidates presented very interesting manifestos and if it were to be chosen, it will definitely develop the kuliyyah into a better state.

Following PRK result, our kuliyyah is one of the Kuliyyah that convey top amount of voters showing 92.81% of total pharmacy student registered as legal voters in the election. It was said to be one of the highest number of registration in KoP’s election history that out of 459, 426 pharmacy students came down to vote the SRC nominations. Farid B. Muthalib was supported about 332 number of votes out of 426 of total votes while Nor Tasnim Mustapa was supported by 325 number of votes out of 426 of total votes. This was significantly implies huge number of voters came down to support them. This may raised the ‘opposite’ voter’s level of confidence to our new elected SRC. Both of them have their own beliefs and ways of contributing our kuliyyah that will make it a step further InsyaAllah.

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