Induction Course Phase 1 @ Tasik Chini

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New semester has just arrived. Maybe it is not too late to greet you, “HAPPY NEW SEMESTER”





As the semester has changed, so did the tenure of IPhA. This fresh line-up brings up many promising upcoming events for us to enjoin and benefit ourselves. To start of, this newly elected office bearers had attended an Induction Course at Tasik Chini to search for a dragon make a bond of family in this organization as this is crucial in order to create a “chemistry” among them.





This 2-day-1-night program started with the journey to Tasik Chini which took almost 1 1/2 hour. As soon we reached there, we were given dorms and I could say, “Not Bad…!!”

After lunch, we had an ice breaking. Though some of us are the “orang lama” or in the other words, “old people” (haha..), but as a whole we do not know each other. And yes. Ta’aruf is vitally important for us, so that in the later time, we could easily collaborate in programmes. Next, we had..






It’s a really good experiences for those who have not kayak-ing before. It taught us togetherness in doing things. And of course, you would only realize the importance of the togetherness thingy once you are off the kayak. While you are kayak-ing, you could only think about wet, tiredness,  and worse if the pedals fall deep down into the lake. haha. I suggest that all Pharmacy students to try kayak-ing. It’s good for your health and muscles too.

At night, we had a night-walking session with an instructor there. During the walking, we had treasured uniqueness of the creations of Allah, even it was as small as firefly emitting light in the deep dark forest. One of the motivations that I think all of us should treasure (even if you don’t attend the course) was as he said,

“Hutan ni tak gelap. Hati kita ni..”

“The forest is not dark. It’s our heart..”





Finished the night-walking marked the end of our Day 1.





On the next day, we went for a boat trip to Kampung Cendahan. A village of aborigines. As we reached there, the sceneries of the village is quit poor. By means, the facilities are not well developed. While we were there, we learnt how to use a ‘sumpit’. It’s good to learn the proper way of using and handling the ‘sumpit’



FAIR WARNING: If you cannot bare the nauseous scent of the ‘sumpit’, please do not even think about trying it. It’s true.




I had a chance to ask about Islam to one of the kids there. He said that he knew about Islam. The teachers taught him about Islam and even he himself is a Muslim, bearing the name of Muhammad as his name. Yet, when I tried to ask further about the practice of Islam, he could only grin. This shows how Islam is not entirely practised in the village. Hence, it’s our responsibility to expose such community to the light of Islam.  After the visit, we off back to IIUM.

Of all, we hope that this course is a means for us to know each other better and may this program is blessed by Allah. Amiin


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